the awakening

Just a quick little thought experiment:

What if it all did happen 2012? We ascended, the earth changed, and all the attending things took place: but we FAILED to notice? And the reason we still have the bad guys and all the falderal going on is because we are simply creating it in our minds – because we didn’t notice???

That would mean that when we do wake up, when we do realize the fact that we are master creators, this world will change in a flash. (maybe of light?) Meaning the ONLY reason it appears as it does is because we still think we are in the old paradigm? Maybe that 3% is what is needed to create a cascade effect on all the minds of the earth to begin the change. There will be no catastrophes, no planet X’s, no crap; and it’s all just waiting to take shape according to our vision? Maybe that flash of energy/light/spirit is actually us, opening our eyes?

As in, like,




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