What Do WE Choose?

If the past present and future are totally entangled – happening all at once, then that predicates there really is no free will – except that of the choosing. However, quantum theory states that in every moment due to the choosing there is a quantum collapse of the field one way or the other. The choosing directs which one. Every nanosecond we are creating the direction of light to produce this reality field. (I’ve been told this several times in my life – an every time I contemplate it I feel exhausted…lol) It is how we choose moment to moment in our daily lives to live with in this photonic construct that matters – makes matter, so to speak.

Which makes me think that the divine source created this experience/experiment/universe to determine something. Which would make our universe a question. If we are a question, then the only thing that matters is how we answer that question. Then you ask, “Well, what is the question? ”


What do you choose: darkness or light?


This whole universe is set up to teach us what that difference is. As above, so below. What we see here is what we will see when we emerge from the planet. Everything that has gone before – every genetic experiment on this place has come to fruition at this point to embody souls that are prepared to ask this question.

We are light. Bohm said that:

All mass is frozen light (vibrating very slowly)

All Photons are totally entangled

Therefore the nature of all creation is light


We know from a million other sources that this is a truth, put in a zillion different modes all saying the same thing. (not going to trace this through history, you get the jist)

The planet has now arrived at a very important turning point. We have been a social experiment and it seems a sort of lynch pin, a turning point upon the universe’s question: What do you choose? Because we are who we are – through no mistake – even though countless ET’s have been involved in our creation and development, our embodiment of light – our souls, our very ancient souls, are being asked this question, now at this time.

For some reason this is important to the universe. Us. What we choose. It is a crux point. There is a horrendous battle going on now to kill us before we can make that decision as a planet in a big enough number to change the tide, as it were. Much has been done to muddle this question with religions and philosophies, and belief systems drugs, wars and destructions, UFO’s Ets, fear porn, so that everywhere we look, we are distracted with problems so big we can’t see through the fog to decide, But decide, we MUST! And for some reason it seems to matter to the rest of creation in this universe, what we decide, too.

In my two previous blog articles I asked Why? And then answered with Because. Once I did that I not only received numerous answers from lots of folks I admire, I also tapped into a larger picture, maybe got a few downloads that add up to this.

We are at this moment in linear time at a precipice. We have very ancient beautiful light souls in these bodies playing out a game requiring we don’t remember who we are, to answer a question on which the nature of the entire universe will be determined. Scary thought. That we can’t remember WHO and WHAT we are goes to answering the question: What do you choose: darkness or light? What is intrinsically stronger, what is the real natural order of things. Will we say yes to the light and evolve to remember our origins and come back to source, or will we plunge into darkness and die?


What Do WE Choose????


My Parents

When I look at what has been going on in humanity for the last 100 years I see a concerted effort to unravel it’s best path. Yet, in some of us the vision is so strong, so vibrant, that I know in my heart of hearts, we will get there.


I was fortunate. My parents, on purpose – because I had this conversation with my mother – never structured my belief system. Throughout my life I was aware how valuable this was, when several times I decided not to get that all valued piece of paper that said I had gone through the process to have my brain washed ironed and restructured by the highest institution in the land – Academia. Later on in life I realized that because my mother refused to have my brain put in a niche and protected me from that, I was aware that ‘structured’ programs of accepted knowledge were dangerous to my spiritual/mental health. I suppose it set me up to see through gobledeegoop everywhere it existed. For that I am very thankful.

For them, it was not a party. Because of this freedom of thought I caught every lie, every intent that was not true, and it took me forever to learn to control the distain I felt for it, and the strong urge to counter it with verbal truth everywhere I met it. I spent a LOT of time in ‘time-out’. Both in school and at home. I could fluster an adult in under thirty seconds, and wind up spending time having to ‘think-about-it’. The moral of that story was learning kindness. Walking a mile in another’s shoes, pretending to be them, and feeling their reaction to my callus announcement of the ‘truth’. My mother was a saint, and I really needed to learn deep empathy. Which I did.

The other problem was that I was aware of things – things you could not see, only feel, that you knew were there and they made my skin crawl. I did not have to be in a state of sleep paralysis to feel them either. And not always at night. I could immediately know the ‘feel’ of anywhere I went. Some places I loved, others scared the bejeezas out of me. Sometimes it wasn’t the place, either. Sometimes ‘stuff’ found you. My mother used to tell me that it was all in my imagination. If I didn’t see it, and she didn’t see it, it wasn’t real. No accounting for what you just knew – that was screaming at you to pay attention. To this day – I don’t ‘see’ things like a lot of other sensitives do, except in my mind’s eye. If I didn’t see it, it wasn’t real right?

But then, how do you account for the endless nights of terror spent knowing that something was there and that you were not allowed to have lights on in your room, and you couldn’t see it, but that it was there! You could feel it in the electricity moving up and down your spine. All the hairs on the back of your neck were standing up. Your heart was beating at ninety miles an hour, until just before it was going to explode you into a million pieces you ran screaming out of the room. As you got older, you learned tricks, like the endless drinks of water and such, the thousand questions game… Until it always ended with a spanking or a punishment. And because that ‘presence’ felt adult, and because of all your training, without thinking about it, you never considered telling it to go away, because it was an authority.

This kind of bullshit went on in my life until I was 18, and started the practice of yoga, to help heal my ulcer. It went on until I learned to drench my body and myself in white light, and until some lovely soul somewhere whispered in my heart that I had the right to tell whatever it was to “Be Gone!!”

I have never looked at this terror squarely in the eyes – encountered the rest of the truth in it, and because of that it still is resident in my energy body. I have wards – protective sigils throughout my energy that say “private property – stay out!” They have worked well and only gotten stronger as I have aged. However, now when I would like to engage with ET and ED, I have not been able to dis-engage the protection enough to allow that to happen. Higher beings will always know the truth of your real wishes and intents and respect it. I do communicate with a lot of somethings, but it is always on a mental level, 6th chakra kind of thing. I suppose I really don’t want to change it, or I already would have. There are still times when I feel very grateful for this – and others when I don’t.

It occurred to me while listening to Manu Intiraymi last night that he and I had similar parental upbringings, our parents – both on purpose, allowing us to find our or truths without cramming our heads full of junk. I was amazed listening to him talk about his experiences as a child with the dark something that was there in his room – just like me, and how his parents basically had the same parental response to it also. My heart went out to him. He is younger than my son. I tried hard to be there for my son because of what I went through. – There was the ghost spray and other parenting techniques that I employed to never leave his side while he sorted out his sense of the world. Today he lives in two worlds, has the heart of a lion and the soul of an advanced healer. In his day job he ‘heals’ cars. In his side by side other part of himself, he’s a gentle, wickedly funny, astute new type human being. So is Manu. I was really impressed. These are the in between humans, the ones who will be raising their children to create a better world, that better humanity we all hold in our souls, our vision for the future.

Because: Love

Because: Love


Moment to moment. Choose. From another view point, Love has no duality. It is the way out. The doorway through which humanity can choose to leave this plane of duality. Through which humanity will ascend to 4D. The only doorway. Love has no opposite. It is the eternal Yes.


Once I wrote yesterday, as always, it clarified in my mind what the question was. I have many fine teachers. Here are those answers. Gifts, all of them.


Maia Dalma It is a legitimate question. Someone has already asked it, Alison. What do humans hate the most but each other? This question can be asked in another way. And the answer will be different. It is different. What do humans love the most, but each other? It depends on which manner the same question is asked. Interesting timing. Asked at the very precipice of a new plateau in understanding. The power of idea… The Universe answers accordingly. Love or fear? There are only two orders of thought in human belief systems. There is nothing else.

Our understanding is different. Order of difficulty is a very human idea. In Creation, there is no such thing as difficulty, and thus no order to it. Chaos does not know peace. Look around your world, Alison. Chaos? Love knows nothing but Peace. Love does not bend it’s knee to fear. Being wholly gentle, it is wholly fearless. And being wholly fearless, it is wholly loving. It does not attempt to separate that which cannot be separated. Look again. Look around.

Fear does not ‘know’ anything else but separation and ‘different.’ And what is ‘different’ is the enemy of same. Human beings are born knowing how to love. This is why you are loved. This are you taught to forget. Everything in this world speaks to it. And in truth, fear is learned. And what you learn, you teach. Even when it is wrong. It is a costly quality to nurture and protect. We have had this discussion before.

This is where the laws of chaos come to humanity’s “rescue.” It always has. It always does. It holds that there is a substitute for love. Vengeance is the magic that will cure all of your pain; the missing factor in your madness that makes it “sane.” This is the reason why you must attack. Here is what makes your vengeance justified.

Behold, unveiled, the ego’s secret gift, torn from your brother’s body, hidden there in malice and in hatred for the one to whom the gift belongs. He would deprive you of the secret ingredient that would give meaning to your life. The substitute for love, born of your enmity to your brother, must be…it must be your salvation. You have paid so much in blood and soul for it. It need be true. By God it need be true. For it has no substitute, and there is only one. And so all your actions must have but the singleness of purpose of seizing it and making it your own.

But this is not peace. And you will not find peace by searching for it in war. This is your mad, insane world: and we defy you to tell us this is not so; madness is sanity, illusions are true, attack is kindness, hatred is love, and murder is benediction. These are the hidden goals the laws of chaos continue to serve and humanity continues to teach. These are the means by which the laws of God and His Universe appear to be reversed. Here on this planet do the laws of mankind appear to hold Love captive, and so let evil wander sovereign in your paradise turned to hell.

Know that your time in this illusion is almost done. Make your peace in it. Believe whatever you choose in it. Whatever you prefer. But however each of you may individually understand it, be cautious. Understanding what you think you know as your ‘truth’ is not mastery of it.


You cannot talk about hate without talking about fear. Love has no opposite. This is free will. It is a choice in this world. One cannot serve two masters. It will always be your choice. And it is a choice. This is why you are loved. It is your fear that tells you otherwise.


Nancy Amdahl When you live in fear you eliminate all that is not the same as you. When you live in love you accept all that is!! You respect it and give it its rightful place to exist. Therefore you rise above the fear and are able to move past the situation and remain in the universal flow of consciousness of all that is and will be. Love!!!


aura4Kolo Bell “Imagine that you live in a very dark place. You like it there. Then one day something comes along that is very, very bright. It makes you squint and try to block the light because it is so bright. You cannot even look because it hurts you. All you want to do is get rid of it and go back to your safe darkness.  We have a light (soul) that the dark beings want but cannot have and therefore they hate us. This light is something that the dark beings want but cannot understand or take from us.”

When we were discussing this last night after midnight on the patio in the dark with the dogs at our feet, scotches in hand, he was much more poetic. What he pointed out, astutely is that this light/love is intrinsic to our beings. It grows and develops from the inside out – it is the heart, and to grow a heart you have to be willing to be alive.

Choose Yes. Choose love.


I have noticed an under riding theme in doing my research lately that troubles me. It was a V8 moment – a D’oh! There is one faction of people – mostly the ones who create world policy, that blame the masses, or try to blame the masses for everything. Global warming – which is a political agenda – is all our fault even though the science behind it is faulty. They have crafted it as a way to re-distribute the ‘global wealth’?!? There has been a huge push to separate one class of people from another for a very long time in various underhanded devious ways that get more technically intricate as time has gone on through out history.

I was listening to a number of George Noory interviews to day and it suddenly struck me that what I was really seeing in and amidst all the conspiracy, break away this and that – and something that slips your notice until it’s just in your face is;

For some inexplicable reason some of the people of earth, us minions, the little guys are really hated.

I say hated because why else would there be such a huge lot of planning and training and media and everyway else you can think of, against us. We did it, We are at fault, it’s our problem the world is going to hell in a hand basket because: us. Not only that, but they are very slyly trying to educate us to hate ourselves, to do their job for them. Placing a huge onus upon our souls of debit and guilt.

Today the obviousness of that just smacked me in the face. And when I thought about it – there have been some of us who have been hated as far back as the tower of babel, and the flood story, when we all were slated to die. There has always been a plan that we have managed to somehow foil and live on.

But WHY??? Why are we hated so and who is it that hates us enough to screw with us at this level? I don’t understand. For most of us, all we want is to live in peace and find a little joy and love whom we love and sing our songs and dance our dances and be happy. Could that be why? That we are simple enough to just want that? I have felt this underlying hate all my life but never separated it out from the this-is-just-life base feelings that I was born into. As we are living today, we have taken on debit and willing walked into slavery on every level we exist at, all just to have a little comfort and joy in our lives almost without questioning or noticing what is at the bottom of all of it.

Hate. Unreasonable, psychopathic, twisted hatred.

My question here is why? I can’t even twist my brain around in enough circles to even begin to understand why. I feel like if we knew why we could crumble this whole mess and sweep it away like so much dust.

So, Why?