Quantum EU

zpmA z-pinch and ZedPM (zero point power module) are the same things. If every phenomena in the manifested and non-manifested universe is a wave form, depending on the frequency you are working in, when you pinch the field, you get different results.

zpinch1Out in space, pinch the plasma field and you get a magnetic field that collects matter (because the pinch makes the plasma become denser than it was and all plasma carries matter due to its charge and when it condenses matter accumulates in one spot…. Etc.….) and baango! You have a star.

In the lab, a simple experiment shows what a z-pinch looks like.  Look straight down through one bell shape to another and you see a spiral.


On another frequency squeeze the field and you get electrical energy streams that we can use (ZPM). On another frequency, squeeze the field and you get thought… At every frequency and any harmonic, squeeze the field and stuff happens. Life is a z-pinch also, because it is manifested. The-Electric-UniverseConsciousness IS the unified field. (yes, that would imply every structure has a form of awareness, (I didn’t say intelligence) the universe, the galaxies, the stars, the planets, the life on them, even rocks. Basic Zen Theory here.)

Very old adage: Energy Follows Thought. It is a prime creator, and just because we don’t understand the mechanism doesn’t mean it isn’t true. It makes me want to know what thoughts our Sol thinks… and my dogs, and just about everything else. Even plants, we all know they respond to positive thought? universeEver wondered why? Because everything has its own electromagnetic field and it all interacts. I personally think that consciousness is what brings coherence and structure to the electricity underling all manifestation, or it wouldn’t be here.

Hows that for Fringe??


Revised “Preliminary Findings” for our FREE Experiencer Research Study, Professor Jon Klimo, Chairperson


FREE, the Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial Encounters, is undertaking the first ever comprehensive academic research study on the ET Contact Phenomena–   The FREE Experiencer Research Study.   Our study will focus on individuals who have had any type of UFO related “Contact” with non-human intelligent beings.  No one has ever attempted this type of study before.  For the first time ever, we will have comprehensive data on the Experiencer Contact Phenomena.

Attached is a Word file containing a document titled “Preliminary Findings” from our FREE Experiencer Research Study.  This document is a preliminary report of the data from our first of our three part research study.  The data is presented in a series of “Pie Charts” for approximately 80% of our Phase 1 Survey questions.  The data was collected over a five month period.  We hope to continue this project for many years and to write a formal report on our findings at the end of each year.  All of our data will be made available to the public at the end of each year.   The attached 2 page cover letter provides additional information on our research study.

Please circulate and forward this email and attached document as widely as possible and encourage other Experiencers to take our survey.


In approximately 2 weeks our Phase 2 Survey will be ready and this survey has over one thousand questions.  Once again, our FREE Experiencer Research Study is historic and this type of comprehensive academic research study has never been attempted before.


We want to clarify several negative rumors that have been circulating around the internet.  The first rumor is that our research study is not a scientific study.  In response, we want to inform everyone that the FREE Experiencer Research Study was developed and supervised by 2 retired Professors of Psychology– Dr. Jon Klimo, the world’s leading academic on the so called “Paranormal” phenomena, and Dr. Leo Sprinkle, the pioneer in the research field of “ET Contact/Abduction” who published his first article in this subject in 1962.  Dr. Jon Klimo is the Chair of our FREE Experiencer Research Study.  Professor Klimo has chaired over 250 Ph.D. dissertations in his 40 years in academia, 75 of them have been on the topic of the “Paranormal”.  He has published numerous academic books and articles on the “Paranormal”, most in peer reviewed academic journals.


Professor Klimo has also taught “Research Methodology” for over 40 years, beginning as a Professor at Rutgers College and he also developed the “Research Methodology” for the FREE Experiencer Research Study.


Professor Jon Klimo and Professor Leo Sprinkle were assisted by other members of our FREE Experiencer Research Committee.  These other members are the top researchers in the field of ET Contact/Abduction studies in the world, almost all with at least 25 years of researching and publishing in this field.  These individuals helped to develop the appropriate questions to ask and made numerous changes to the various drafts of our Phase 1 and Phase 2 Surveys that was discussed in our many research committee meetings.


We also want to personally thank the other members of our research committee:   Dr. Leo Sprinkle, Mary Rodwell, Whitley Strieber, Barbara Lamb, Ralph Steiner, Kathleen Marden, Denise Stoner, Giorgio Piacenza, Dr. Joe Lewels, Dr. Michael Melton, Chase Kloetzke, Jody Long, & Barry “Bear” Gaunt”.  We also want to thank our Research Assistants:  Rey Hernandez, Christina Knowles, Rhonda Sherman, Yanelle Martinez, and Giles Campbell.  Without their assistance Professor Jon Klimo’s task of developing this research study and research methodology would have been extremely difficult.  Thus, thank you from the bottom of our heart.


We also want to clarify a second rumor that has been circulating around the internet by two individuals and that is that we are basing our study on “Hypnotic Regression”.  This rumor is patently false and is an attempt to derail our project.  Both our Phase 1 and Phase 2 surveys state as follows:


Please answer these questions only if you CONSCIOUSLY recall them (NOT WITH HYPNOSIS).”


If these two individuals circulating this malicious rumor would have read our survey they would have been given notice of this fact.  These individuals also did not even bother to contact any member of FREE before spreading this malicious rumor via the internet.


Finally, there is a third rumor being circulated via the internet and is that FREE was biased and was not objective in publicizing our Phase 1 Survey and our research study.  This rumor is also patently false.  There are many individuals and organizations that take extreme positions stating that these ETs (non-human intelligent beings) are either primarily Benevolent (Friendly) or are primary Malevolent (Evil).  FREE is a scientific research organization and we do not take any position regarding the issue of what is the “ET Agenda”.  FREE has numerous academics on our Advisory Board and as Consultants.  FREE also has as Advisory Board members and Consultants the following:  a retired NASA Astronaut, an Astro-Physics Professor from Harvard, various retired academics, 5 Physicists, 5 Ph.D. Psychologists, 5 Medical Doctors, 2 Attorneys, and various other research scientists as well as numerous “Researchers” and Experiencers.  Our goal is to establish for the first time, a comprehensive scientifically driven data base, on individuals that have had ALL types of UFO related Contact with non-human intelligent beings.


To respond to these false rumors circulating throughout the internet, the following is the outreach FREE has undertaken to advertise the Phase 1 Survey:


  1.  Facebook:  We have joined Facebook and each week post on over 250 Ufology, Paranormal, and ET Abduction sites on Facebook and provide these sites with information on our Research Study.


  1.  Radio:  FREE members have appeared in approximately 25 radio interviews since January 1stof this year where we have publicly informed the audience members of our research study.  We will continue to do weekly radio interviews with radio stations that focus on the topics of UFOs, ET Contact/Abductions, and the Paranormal.  We have also made requests for interviews with many other radio stations such as Coast to Coast, Dark Matter Radio, Jimmy Church Radio, and many other radio stations.  Christina Knowles, Ralph Steiner, Kathleen Marden, Rey Hernandez and Mary Rodwell (all members of our FREE Research Committee) have appeared on various radio shows over the last few months and have informed the audience about FREE and our FREE Experiencer Research Study. The 3 FREE Co-Directors (Mary Rodwell, Rey Hernandez, Christina Knowles) have appeared on the following radio programs:  the MUFON Radio Show, the California MUFON Radio Show, Behind the Paranormal, Inception Radio Network, Dark Matter Radio, Starborn Support Radio and the Joe Montaldo Show.  We are also booked for the following future shows:  Dr. Rita Louise, Brent Holland, Mel Fabregas, and Late Night in the Midlands.  We also hope to appear on many other radio shows.


  1.  Email and Personal Communication:  On a daily basis FREE has sent out hundreds of emails and letters to well known UFO authors and researchers and most of the authors of books on the topics of “Aliens”, “ETs”, “Abductions”, etc.  Last week we managed to get the commitments of Grant Cameron, Colin Andrews, and Mel Fabregas, all well known in the UFO field, to agree to become Interviewers for our Phase 3 Interviews.  Just today a member of our group spoke with a famous author named Evie Logren who has written several books and articles on Alien Abductions, MILABS, and other UFO/ET related topics.  She has agreed to allow FREE to post various of her articles on our site, and might agree to become an Interviewer.


Several members from our organization have also made contact with other well known individuals (Peter Robins, David Jacobs, Paola Harris, Derrel Sims, Richard Dolan, James Brantley, Melinda Leslie, LA Marzulli, Stan Friedman, and many others) and we are waiting to schedule conversations with these individuals and many other well known researchers.  We have also sent information about FREE and our research study to each of these individuals and encouraged them to inform their readers and followers about our research study.


  1.  Starborn Support Conference:  In September of 2013, several members of FREE attended the Starborn Support Conference in Portland, Maine, a conference focused on ET Abductions and ET Experiencers, and we informed everyone in the audience about FREE and our research study.


  1.  International UFO Conference:  Many FREE members will also be attending this conference for one week from Feb 17 to Feb 22, 2015.   FREE will also have a table at the conference.  Our objective will be to educate the thousands of members attending this conference about FREE’s mission and projects and especially publicize our FREE Experiencer Research Study.


In summary, no one can credibly attempt to argue that we have been biased in reaching out to selected groups regarding our research study.  Our selected groups have indeed been individuals, researchers, organizations, and radio stations focused in the fields of Ufology, ET Contact, ET Abductions, and the Paranormal.  All of our outreach efforts, and all the efforts FREE will undertake in the future, should squash this and other false and negative rumors being circulated around the internet.


  1.  YOUR ROLE:


  1.     We encourage each and every one of you to please start informing all Experiencers/Contactees/Abductees about FREE and our Research Study.


  1.     Many of you also undertake periodic radio interviews and this would be an appropriate place to talk about FREE and our Research Study.


  1.     Many of you have blogs and websites and I encourage each of you to write a statement about FREE and our Experiencer Research Study.


  1.     We encourage each of you to place a copy of our FREE logo on your website.  (Attached are 2 of our FREE logos)  Thus, when someone visits your website, your readers will be encouraged to link on our FREE logo that will take a reader directly to our FREE website.


  1.     Please try to state in your Bios for radio interviews that you are also a “Friend of FREE” and support FREE’s Experiencer Research Study.  All of these actions will provide continued legitimacy for FREE and encourages others to visit our web site and to take our survey.


Finally, we are almost finished loading our Phase 2 Survey on our online software program, Survey Monkey.  This Phase 2 Survey has approximately 1,000 questions.  Approximately 97% of responders to our Phase 1 Survey have stated that they want to participate in our Phase 2 Survey and our Phase 3 Interviews.  We expect the Phase 3 Interviews to begin in early April of 2015.  A memo will be sent to all potential Interviewers in mid March.  Please inform us if you desire to be an Interviewer for our Phase 3 Interviews.



Once again, please circulate and forward this email and attached document as widely as possible and encourage other Experiencers to take our survey.

Please contact any of us via our email address,


should you have any questions.  Thank you.

Mary Rodwell, Rey Hernandez, Christina Knowles

Co-Directors and Co-Founders

FREE  (Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial Encounters)



Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial Encounters FREE Website

Preview attachment FREE BROCHURE, FEB 1, 2015.pdf

FREE BROCHURE, FEB 1, 2015.pdf


Preview attachment Entire FREE Research Study Preliminary Findings, Feb 7, 2015.pdf

Entire FREE Research Study Preliminary Findings, Feb 7, 2015.pdf


Swimming through a head full of ideas…

lightening ballHere is the idea I am pursuing. It’s going to take some real work, to actually lay down the research and sourcing.

We, meaning the Earth Mars and Saturn and assorted moons and satellites were captured by sol, due to its huge electrical field. But life started for us BEFORE we came into this solar system, and so did our memory of it.


Yet traditional mythologies remember a time of darkness stretching out into an unknown antiquity, a time in which the god Saturn, in all his manifestations, was small and weak, a mere shadow of the creative force he was destined to become. As mankind’s first remembered source of light, long before the coming of the sun, Saturn is said to have cast its pale light on a world without seasons and devoid of any means for humans to calculate time. Locked in a stationary post that is reported in mythology to have been at the northern celestial realms, the primordial Saturn seemingly drifted aimlessly through the skies on a chaotic heavenly milieu resembling the ebb and flow of a dark ocean. It is this state of affairs that is referred to in the opening verses of Genesis when “darkness [was] upon the face of the deep. And the spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.” (Genesis 1: 1-2)purpledawn

Our conclusion here is that Saturn, this primordial source of a dim, timeless light, was a dully glowing sub-brown dwarf star of which Earth was one of its primary and original satellites; and that Earth was nestled close enough to its original host star to have been enveloped in Saturn’s opaque and warming plasma sheath. For humans alive on Earth at this time, there would have been no reference to the greater cosmos, and therefore no reference to any moving celestial object with which they could have marked the passage of time. This was a timeless age in which the dim blue/red-light spectrum emanating from Saturn would have cast a dark purple-hued glow over Earth’s surface. This, then, was mankind’s purple dawn of creation.



at 20:28 he talks about the womb of Saturn.  Excellent


We have a memory of a safe womb, when we were within the plasma shield of Saturn. From there we get pulled into the Sol system and Saturn gets turned off and goes quiescent. Then the dense wetness of the atmosphere gets dumped on us (possibly the deluge, or at least one of them) and we can finally see the heavens in all its glory… No wonder we have a fascination with the sky and the stars.


So I have two questions. Surely Niribu did exist, there were visual accounts of it, so where is it? Could Jupiter have been Niribu? There was record of a 1,000 year period when Jupiter changed its orbit and stood still in the sky.


“Go forth (i.e. cease) thy planet-(gazing), for Israel is free from planetary influence. What is thy calculation? Because Zedek (Jupiter) stands in the West? I will turn it back and place it in the East.” And thus it is written, Who hath raised up Zedek from the East? He hath summoned it for his sake (sc. for the sake of Abraham).

The celestial mechanics of the implied reversal of Jupiter’s apparent motion remains unsolved. Jupiter apparently changed the place of its rising points without a similar and simultaneous change by the Sun and all the planets and stars. It might seem that in order for Jupiter alone to be subject to a change, a reversal of orbital motion is required, an unlikely proposition from the point of view of celestial mechanics.

Earlier we asked in relation to Saturn’s great prominence, was not the Earth at some early period a satellite of that planet?; and we may ask again, with the ascendance of Jupiter, was the Earth not in the domain of this successor to the celestial throne? Theoretically, if the Earth were revolving around Jupiter, a reversal of our planet’s north and south geographical poles would cause Jupiter to appear to change the point of its rising.


          1. Shabbat 156b, I Epstein ed., (London, 1935). Cf. Isaiah 41:2. “Zedek also has the meaning of “righteousness” or “justice” and therefore the sentence is often rendered incorrectly as: “Who raised up the righteous (man) from the east.” Cf. Hommel, JSOR (1927).

From <http://www.varchive.org/itb/juprev.htm>


I could see how that would give way to legends about Niribu….

Just look at the axil tilt, and according to EU it also spit Venus out. The axial tilt comparisons for who is what part of the blended family that is our solar system are interesting, because it become a clue as to which planets are grouped together.axial tilt 2

Maybe Niribu came in and then got captured and over the centuries has become one of those planets out beyond Pluto that we know are there, or maybe it was Uranus with its wildly different axial tilt and orbit?  Or Pluto it’s self with its orbit off the ecliptic.pluto

So that could explain the first invasion…. Grins From there we can look to Sitchen and von Daniken.


Here is the discrepancy; if we can remember a purple dawn of creation, that time when we were a satellite of the brown dwarf Saturn before we lived in Sol, and we know there have been several ice ages on this planet since we were captured into this solar system, and we are dating the last catastrophe to the end of the last ice age, then there have been several cycles of history that we have totally lost. Not just one. So how many times have we repopulated this planet? And the question “Do we really come from earth originally?” then becomes a valid question.


My second question is how ( not if) do other alien species figure in this equation and could they be from the area of space that Saturn came from? When you look at our position in the milky way, and you then understand that we do not really sit in one spot relative the spiral arm we are in, and that we move in and out of various density of matter and energy, its not a too far leap intuitively to want to go looking for the solar system’s geo-cosmological history… so to speak.

Some of the stars in the universe are part of multiple star systems known as star clusters. Most appear to be part of a binary system where two stars orbit a common center of gravity. A few are even part of a triple star system. But some stars are also part of a larger group. They can be found together in associations known as star clusters. Star clusters are groupings of stars held together by a common gravitational bond. They vary greatly in size and shape as well as the number of stars. They also vary in age from just thousands of years to billions of years old. Gravity is the force that binds these cosmic swarms together. Star clusters are among the most spectacular objects in the sky. Many of these clusters can be seen with the naked eye on a dark night. Astronomers have divided star clusters into two main types according to their shape and number of stars. The can all be classified as either open clusters or globular clusters.


It is estimated that there are about 20,000 open star clusters in our galaxy. The reason open clusters are so young is because they don’t last very long. Gravitational interactions between the stars and other objects will cause these clusters to eventually disperse over time. Open clusters are formed when several stars are formed at the same time from the same cloud of dust and gas. Our own Sun is part of an open cluster than includes other nearby stars such as Alpha Centauri and Barnard’s star


And even though our esteemed Wall Thornhill doesn’t think we are a binary star with Sirius, we could possibly come from that area owing to the fact that our position relative to that cluster indicates a relationship.B4Ecej5IcAAUyBe


A more suitable candidate would be a star closer to the plane of the Solar System, or celestial equator. Sirius meets this criteria, at a declination of -17°. It is also the brightest star in the night sky, three times brighter than Alpha Centauri and twice as bright as the next brightest star Canopus. Sirius is also the 5th closest system of stars to our own [6]. More significant is the fact that The Sirius Research Group has been recording the position of Sirius for approximately 20 years now and has not recorded any measurable alteration in its location relative to the precession. http://www.viewzone.com/sirius.html

Which then takes you into thinking about galaxy clusters Like Laniakealanikea

And our position in the greater universe. Boggles the mind.


And doesn’t that just look like electrical Birkeland currents?

Which brings us right back down here to earth and the EU theory that electricity underlies all matter and that all is connected, and you have to ask yourself, do we really have to travel at all to meet ET or ET to us, or are we already connected. Were we ever disconnected?

I think it’s gonna take a book.

The 14 Tablets Of Enki The Anunnaki: Plus a Synopsis of each Video

enkiThe tablets are the account of Enki, an Annunaki, from a planet called Nibiru. He was the first born son of Anu, the king of the planet Nibiru. Nibiru is supposed to circle the sun every 3,600 earth years.


Well Done. Worth a bookmark for reference.

14 Tablets of Enki the Anunnaki from IN5D



Our Cosmic Link to Climate on Earth: a Documentary on a Paper Published by the Royal Society

Cosmic rays mediate aerosol levels in the atmosphere by producing more small ions that cause water to cling to dust there by creating more low bright clouds and cooling the earth. cosmic2 In this film it is proven that the influx of cosmic rays is shown to be directly related to the position the solar system is in, in the milky way galaxy by the correlation between temperature epochs and fossil oxygen content, strata layers of sediment and iron meteorite composition.   Enjoy.  All part of the bigger picture.

It took them a year to get published.  They really didn’t want this information out. They were also widely disclaimed and defamed.  They now have VERY solid proof.

Good article from Dr. Greg Prescott

Are The Ruling Elite About To Play The Last Card?

By on February 7, 2015 in Awareness
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Are The Ruling Elite About To Play The Last Card?

by Gregg Prescott, M.S.
Editor, In5D.com

In 1974, Dr. Carol Rosin was warned by Dr. Wernher von Braun about a series of events that will happen in the near future, all of which will be based on lies. The ‘Last Card’ that remains is an extraterrestrial invasion.

Dr. Rosin warned us about the weaponization of space through her professional relationship with ex-Nazi scientists, Dr. Wernher von Braun. While on his death bead, von Braun confided to Rosin about the following external threats that would be created as a false flag by the United States government:

Dr. Carol RosinThey’re inventing enemies he (von Braun) said, against whom they are going to build this space-based weapon system—the first of whom was the Russians which was existing at that time.  Then there would be terrorists, then there would be third world countries, now we call them rogue nations or nations of concern.  Then there would be asteroids.  And then he would repeat to me over and over ‘and the last card, the last, the last card would be the extraterrestrial threat’…you will find that there is going to be a spin to find some enemy against whom we have to build space based weapons and now we should expect the spin.

~Dr. Carol Rosin

Through Dr. Rosin, von Braun specifically warned her about some sinister plans by the global elites that were already in place and waiting to be executed.

In order, von Braun warned of the following:

  • Russia and the Cold War
  • Terrorists
  • 3rd World Countries / Rogue Nations / Nations of Concern
  • Asteroids
  • Extraterrestrial Threat

Space-Based Weapon System

On March 23, 1983, President Ronald Reagan’s announced a program called the Strategic Defense Initiative which is based on “Star Wars” technology.

Space-Based Weapon SystemThe New York Times reported: “In effect, Mr. Reagan proposed to make obsolete the current United States policy of relying on massive retaliation by its ballistic missiles to counter the threat of a Soviet nuclear attack.”

The technology proposed by President Reagan was “decades away from reality,” according to The Times. “White House officials said the new program might involve lasers, microwave devices, particle beams and projectile beams. These devices, most of which are in a very early stage of development, in theory could be directed from satellites, airplanes or land-based installations to shoot down missiles in the air.”

Terrorist Threat

The next stage in this plan was to create a terrorist threat which came to fruition through the events of September 11, 2001. Never in this history of steel reinforced building has any ever collapsed due to a fire. On this day, 3 buildings at the World Trade Center in New York City collapsed at near free fall speed. Building 7 was the last to collapse and was not even hit by an airplane. The BBC announced that Building 7 collapsed 20 minutes before the demolition.

Terrorist Threat

In Washington DC, what appeared to be a missile crashed into the Pentagon. There were no signs of the titanium engines which could not have disintegrated or melted due to fire. Shortly after this “attack” by the “terrorists” the government dumped top soil over the crime scene. One should ask, “Why in the world would they cover up potential evidence?” (unless they have something to hide…)

Shanksville, PA

In Shanksville, PA, there was, once again, virtually no evidence of a plane crash. Photos reveal what looks to be a missile explosion at the site of this alleged plane crash.

As we have learned, a war with terrorists can never be won, so this plays into the hands of supporting the Military Industrial Complex to which President Dwight D. Eisenhower warned us about on his exit speech on January 17, 1961:

3rd World Countries / Rogue Nations / Nations of Concern

One country that many consider to be an unstable rogue nation is North Korea, who has recently been testing nuclear weapons.

A 5.1 magnitude earthquake was hypothesized to be the result of one of these tests:

Additionally, in the 3rd world Republic of Mali, French and British troops have been assembled to fight “insurgents” while the United States has vowed $50 million in support as well as potential troops as this war escalates.

The real reason why troops are there, which is one of the main reasons for many wars, is for their main resource of gold, but no world leader will readily admit it.

Meanwhile, Germany made a request to repatriate their 300 tonnes of gold from the New York Federal Reserve, who told Germany that it would take seven years to complete that transaction.

Mali’s main resource is gold and at their current rate of excavation, it would take approximately 7 years to mine 300 tonnes of gold, which assumedly, the Federal Reserve does not have in its current possession.

Is this all starting to make sense?


While it may not be the size of an asteroid, a rather large meteor crashed into Russia in recent news, prompting some people to question how to defend against possible other meteors or asteroids in the future.

In recent news, CNN began their neural linguistic programming of the sheeple by asking, “Could We Stop An Asteroid?”

CNN also released an article entitled, “While you were working: An asteroid just flew by” further planting the seeds of fear, propaganda and a possible false flag event.

Extraterrestrial Threat

“The last card” according to von Braun’s testimonial to Dr. Rosin is the extraterrestrial threat. Whistleblowers and insiders have stated numerous times that many of the UFO sightings are potentially “our own” crafts as this technology has been around for many years through reverse engineering.

What is the purpose of these lies?

a one world government, currency and religion.

Ultimately, to create a one world government, currency and religion.

It is no coincidence that many banks are closing, nor is it coincidental that the Pope made his resignation speech on February 11, 2013. As revolutions continue in many countries, the stage is being set for a staged extraterrestrial attack which will encourage the sleeping masses to run to their respective governments for help and protection.

Some things they didn’t plan on…

consciousness plays a large roleOur consciousness plays a large role in how these final events will unfold. Simply talking about their plans may be enough for the globalists to reconsider their next move(s) or may even possibly prevent any further moves in the near future.

Additionally, as evidenced by Steven Greer’s Disclosure Project, numerous retired military officials have stated on record that extraterrestrial intervention has occurred numerous times in which the ET’s would disable nuclear warheads on airplanes and in missile silos.

It is within the realm of possibility that our galactic neighbors may step in to prevent any type of world tyranny plans but one should not rely on this event to take place.

As of this date, everything that von Braun has warned us about has come true, thus giving credence and validity to his statements. As evidenced by numerous paintings dating back tens of thousands of years, we have been visited by extraterrestrials for a very long time, so chances are, any extraterrestrial visitation would be benevolent and not malevolent, contrary to what the globalists will be trying to sell us as their plans unfold.

The more we can share this type of information with others, the less likely these plans will come to fruition.

The current economic slave system is broken beyond repair, so it is quite feasible that we may take a step backwards before we take a quantum leap forward in the rebuilding of this planet in humanity’s best interests.

Despite any short setbacks that may incur as the system collapses under its own weight, the light always wins in the end. As we exit out of the Age of Pisces and enter into the Age of Aquarius, we will see an end to the tyranny and oppression that has kept us enslaved for thousands of years but in order for this to occur, the old system must collapse in order to rebuild a new one in humanity’s best interests.

We are so very close to seeing this occur within our lifetimes.

Down the road, we will look back at these trying times and will be grateful for the opportunities we had to spiritually evolve into who we are and who we will become.

In the end, it’s all a blessing. Stay strong and keep hold of the Light!

About the Author:
Gregg Prescott, M.S. is the founder and editor of In5D and BodyMindSoulSpirit. He hosts a weekly spiritual show on In5D Radio and promotes spiritual, metaphysical and esoteric conferences in the United States through In5dEvents. Gregg is currently working in collaboration with Michelle Walling, CHLC, in opening a holistic walk-in clinic called Alternative Holistic Healthcare (AHH) in Sarasota, FL with subsequent subsidiaries around the world based upon this model.Gregg Prescott, M.S. is the founder and editor of In5D and BodyMindSoulSpirit. He hosts a weekly spiritual show on In5D Radio and promotes spiritual, metaphysical and esoteric conferences in the United States through In5dEvents. Gregg is currently working in collaboration with Michelle Walling, CHLC, in opening a holistic walk-in clinic called Alternative Holistic Healthcare (AHH) in Sarasota, FL with subsequent subsidiaries around the world based upon this model.

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EU: All In OnePlace

thunderboltsHere are the best in the field of the Electric Universe.  The Thunderbolts project is a group of multifaceted, talented men looking outside the box.

Published on Jan 24, 2015

With this introduction, David Talbott begins a series of video presentations exploring the profound celestial events that shaped early cultures the world over. It’s a vast subject with radical implications—a new perspective on planetary history and the human past.

See the three full documentaries in the Symbols of an Alien Sky series:

Episode 1, Symbols of an Alien Sky

Episode 2, Symbols of an Alien Sky: The Lightning-Scarred Planet, Mars

Episode 3, Symbols of an Alien Sky: The Electric Comet


Here, we present the full version of the popular documentary film “Thunderbolts of the Gods,” which helped to introduce the world to the Electric Universe in 2006.

Published on Dec 23, 2012


Published on Jan 13, 2013

In this interview, Stephen Smith, editor of the Thunderbolts Picture of the Day (TPOD) reviews evidence for a former epoch of planetary instability and massive electrical scarring of planets and moons. http://www.thunderbolts.info

CORRECTION: At 10:39, an image of Jupiter’s Europa is inadvertently shown when discussing the moons of Saturn.


Published on Feb 19, 2013

Stephen Smith continues his review of electrical scars on rocky bodies of the solar system, here concentrating on the planet Mars, perhaps the best laboratory in space for exploring the violent electrical history of our planetary neighbors and of earth itself. See also on YouTube: “Planet of a Thousand Mysteries” and “The Lightning-Scarred Planet Mars.”


Bring it down to Earth, this is an introduction, an open door. The next move is yours.



In Prep for Wal Thornhill Feb. 11th


I highly recommend this primer for Wall Thornhill’s interview on February 11th.  If you are not familiar with the electric universe theory this is an excellent catcher-upper.

This theory explains quite a lot of anomalies and welds quantum mechanics into the larger picture.  It also, once you understand a bit of it, is clearly recognizable in many areas. Once you get it, you see it every where.


I found a bigger, more ancient box….

Discourses on an Alien sky: When the planets were Gods,  astounded me when I watched it this morning. Below is the 5 minute intro to a three hour series on You Tube.  The links are in the intro. I highly encourage you to watch.  With this introduction, David Talbott begins a series of video presentations exploring the profound celestial events that shaped early cultures the world over. It’s a vast subject with radical implications—a new perspective on planetary history and the human past.

O. M. G. !!!