Fresh Eyes

It’s amazing. It’s hard and frustrating and yet, amazing to come back after a ten day absence to ‘normal’ life! The decompression runs a bunch of emotions through you. At least it has for me. I loved being in the desert at 29 palms and with my fader family! I can’t remember when I have had so much fun! I can’t remember when I have been so amazed at all the talents of each of you, all in one place! I can’t remember ever, feeling a unity so bright and beautiful with so many people! If I wandered around looking confused most of the time, it’s because I was overwhelmed with love and amazement for you all. Just looking at you all in the physical, the impact was stunning to me. I lost my words. I had to remind myself to keep my mouth closed, or as mom used to say, ‘the flies would get in!’

I keep up on what all the speakers had to say, It was cool to actually see them and shake their hands. Amazing there too. I spent a lot of time amazed. Because when you meet someone in physical presence – physical proximity, there is so much more there to notice. Tons more information. Like for instance, David Hatcher Childress, he is always so very teacher-ish on the show Ancient Aliens. In real life this man has more energy and fun rolling off of him, Oh my!! Every time I looked at him I had to smile. He is so full of life and happy. So, seeing people in real life is chock full of so much more information.

Jimmy Church is one of those people too. I have never felt so much person, intelligence, crammed into a singular point of being. Ok, yes he’s 6’2″ (everybody is taller than me) but there is a mind and heart of a 70 foot giant in there. And there is an impeccable ethic of heart there too. I watched as he took the high road in situations, actually in every interchange I saw, with everybody and everything. I shouldn’t be so amazed, because that is all in his voice, but the impact of the physical presence – the reality of it was stunning. I consider myself very fortunate to know this person and, that he counts me as friend. Wow. Just WOW!

Rita… There are just no words for Rita. The quiet understanding – that misses nothing! This is a very old soul contained in a short person body (like mine…lol) that sees all and knows and understands all. It was the privilege of a life time to meet her. It was a joy to look into a pair of knowing deep eyes in person. She has my heart and my profoundest respect forever.

The magic that happened at Faderhaus was off the planet. Oh yeah, and the food!!!! We can COOK!!!! Faders can really cook!!!! WOW. We can also really drink….lmao Who knew chilled Vodka shots were so dang delicious? I don’t know how I stayed awake till 5 am (eastern time) three nights in a row, but I did. I was drunk on us – the faders, our guests. I had so much fun!!

Speaking of guests, Sunday night just rocked, all because Jimmy (my hero!!!) invited some friends over. I was delighted to really meet Richard Dolan and Mike Bara!!! Corey Goode is exactly what he says he is, and he is a wonderful gentle person to boot. David Wilcock covers a very sensitive side with all his humor. To say he is an old soul is an understatement, he is ancient. There is no better combination than intelligence, sensitivity and humor. My thanks to Javier for hauling all of his night vision equipment and cameras to the Faderhaus so we could all have our own personal night vision CE5 (meet up) with the crafts and the peoples in them, gratitude to them for showing up!

I don’t know how 4 days could have been more perfect in my book of extraordinary experiences. So yeah, decompression next, back to the mundane, real world, with fresh eyes, and maybe some changes to be made for, what I have seen and the people I have touched and the experiences I have had, have changed me forever.



Long Time Gone By…

Crosby, Stills & Nash – Long Time Gone Lyrics

It’s been a long time coming
It’s going to be a long time gone
And it appears to be a long
Appears to be a long
Appears to be a long time
It’s a long, long, long, long time
Before the dawn
Turn any corner
Hear what the people say
You know that something is going on around here
It surely, surely, surely won’t stand the light of day
And it appears to be a long
Appears to be a long
Appears to be a long
Such a long, long time
Before the dawn
Speak out, you got to speak out against the madness
You got to speak your mind
If you dare
Don’t, no don’t try to get yourself elected
If you do you had better cut your hair
And it appears to be a long
Appears to be a long
Appears to be a long time
Such a long, long, long, long time
Before the dawn
It’s been a long time coming
It’s going to be a long time gone
But you know, the darkest hour
Is always just before the dawn
And it appears to be a long
Appears to be a long
Appears to be a long time
Such a long, long, long, long time
Before the dawn

Curiously, where I seem to have the most problem with all the new information being revealed about the UFO’s and our position in the greater galaxy is, not with the material that Cory good presents but with spiritual component that goes with it, the question of whether the human race can ‘get it’, before it’s too late. The Lo1 ( Law of One) material is but another expression of the Bailey books in slightly less couched language and that was an expression of far older material from Egypt and other mystery schools. I have my doubts that the human race will be able even at this point, to be awake enough to make it out through this current gate way.

My own personal dream is to actually slay the gate keeper and open the door if not for everybody (free will… there is still choice, and some people do not either know they should/could choose and other’s don’t care to and yet still more chose wrongly or negatively on purpose) than at least for as many as possible and honestly, at least me. However, this being a consensus reality, my hope, yes hope… (and I know that means we think things are not rosy and are living there as if we are ‘hoping’ for something else) is that in some way we can make it.

I am trying so hard not to put an emotional gaius (judgment) on this, but is hard not to. It is hard to suspend emotion and simply observe because I so badly want to move on. I remember the fall of Atlantis. I remember dying in the tsunami. I was sitting on a very white cliff, talking with a teacher in a class of many. We were learning to fly in our physical bodies, and I looked up and out at the very azure ocean on a bright sunny day and noticed a very dark blue line on the horizon that was getting bigger as it approached. I looked at my teacher and said, “What is that? As I pointed out to sea. He was an older man with white hair and very blue eyes. He said, looking in to my eyes after looking at the sea. “I will see you again.” And then I died. Maybe that is why I cannot fly in any of my dreams…ever. And I have tried.

I remember being a druid, a Viking, a Tibetan priest, a Gnostic, I was a samurai, my son informed me we lived as American Indians together. I died in the western desert on a wagon train of heat and dehydration. I could never watch the old westerns with my mom when I was little, it always filled me with dread and heaviness. I remember dying on the titanic. There are probably many more and I can probably only remember the ones that keep me on my current path of learning/experience without giving away the current life lessons. I do know that I have been here since Atlantis… its been a long time gone, as the song says….

I do know, that I am tired, I want to move on. It’s time for it to be over. This endless cycle of use and abuse.  To that end, my little self, with a little help from ET friends at an early age woke up very early around five years old. I have studied many mystery schools this life time in an effort to finally get it right. I KNOW that the Law of One and Corey’s information are the closest to the real story that we have at this moment on this planet. I know in my gut and heart of hearts that it is right. I DO NOT NEED exterior proof. I KNOW that it is real.

To wit, I also know that the “THEY” of the world have us in a really tight spot and we desperately NEED to wake up, LIKE LAST WEEK! Last nights guest, Mark Dice,  on Fade to Black said some chilling things. In part he is right, it could be the time line we are heading for, but with a little help from the awake part of humanity and our ET friends, I hope it is not so. I don’t know about you, but I need to get off this rock, ascend to 4th, or go where ever is next.



I just wanted to say along with the hundreds of other people out there,



To the

Jimmy Church Radio Network



Sounds wonderful, Yes? For all the creativity, the guests, the callers, the seekers, the believers, the knowers, the brave intrepid journeyers, the first timers, the Faders and all of you who are a part of this wonderful adventure, thank you too. I have found a place to anchor myself with people who are like me. Something I thought was pretty impossible just a couple of years ago.


To the innovative team of Jimmy and Rita, and the core producer group, I say where ever you go, whatever I need to do to connect, I will.


From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU

A Love Letter

Dear Fade To Black,

I’ve been interested, rabid, some would say, about UFO’s and ET’s since I was 6 yrs old or so. I wasn’t shy in high school about asking my dates about how they felt about it either. The first books I ever read about it were the Adamski and Menger books back in 1961. hearts8Then life happened and I popped back into all this seriously in 2001. Along the way I read a ton when the best sellers came out, but do you know how hard it is to get a book about UFO’s from the library? Some of them are not even in the state public system, so they are un-orderable. That said in 2001 after babies, a divorce a move and a new career, I quit working for someone else in 2010 and had a LOT of time on my hands. I could listen to C2C again and I found Kerry Cassidy!! While researching Greer I found Jimmy Church on You Tube. I waited with baited breath for every up-load. About the end of May, last year, I got the brilliant idea that I might be able to listen to this live because the grands were out of school and we could all sleep in. The three hour time difference is hard for an old fart like me… lol You all know I have a birthday Sunday and I’m turning 61….er 29 1/2 for the second time… it’s all relative anyway. (Just ask Titor)


I found out that the Sandbox is the best invention EV-AR! (as my daughter would put it) I even called in. (I sound like an IDIOT) And Jimmy was so nice, and tried to help me feel less nervous (yes I noticed that, and thank You, Jimmy)!!!hearts7 I have made such wonderful friends, and I have decided I am in LOVE with the Faderverse. Then Method created this wonderful amazing totally out-of-sight site.



hearts6When Jimmy brings a famous friend on the air, I feel like that friend is mine too. When he uses his considerable interviewing skills and style to evoke such honesty and incredible information from the guests and the emotions are high, I feel as though I am feeling them right along with the guest. The immediacy of twitter and the information and the insights of the Faders make me feel like I am a PART of the miracle that happens every night F2B is on the air.


hearts4In my (here we go again) opinion, F2B is a new evolution, an ascended show, a fifth dimensional creation happening before our ears. It is the MOST AMAZING experience that I have had the privilege to be a part of in my entire life (besides my children…lol). This is disclosure in action, my friends. From the grass roots up, one person at a time, the way it is really going to happen. Not from the top down.


hearts3WE Faders and Jimmy and Wonderful Rita. This is IT. Be Happy. We are part of the wave. All because Jimmy decided to follow a dream.




May you continue till the work is done.


Might I say how profoundly grateful I am to be a part of the miracle.


Love to the whole entire faderverse,



Where to Rent or Buy the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure CD’s as your Very Own!


To go to the web site and watch the trailer and read the article click the logo above. It’s pretty cool site too, just loaded with good stuff.

Finally you can watch and or rent and OWN your own CD set. I remember somebody asked that the other night in the sand box.

There are twenty videos of official testimony presentations. You have the option to rent or buy individual videos. All twenty videos can also be rented or purchased together at a discounted rate.

Thank you Renee for the email about this. And to answer your question, its definitely worth a posting.  And I suppose that brings me to an explanation about the Kitten Feet article. I really was NOT putting down the immense and immeasurable effort of Mr. Stephen Basset. I just don’t think that the gov’t is going to budge. Not when there is still so much money for them to make off of us.  To quote myself in a letter to Renee:  The Rain on Congress will get a message out to the public. The govt can just go stick it’s big ugly useless head in the toilet! And flush. Better yet a black hole and flush…

On Kitten Feet: My opinion

kitten feet

From a journal entry in January 2013:

I have a feeling that ‘first contact’ will need to and most probably happen on a person to person basis. Meaning that simultaneously everywhere everyone will have that awakening. Kind of like answering your door bell and your next door neighbor says to you “I’ve been meaning to come over and discuss something with you.” So, you let her in and over coffee at your own kitchen table she proceeds to reveal that she is ET. You’ve known this person for years, had summer barbeques, and evenings around the fire pit talking about neighborly things, watched the kids back and forth contributed emergency cups of sugar…. etc. and all is well.

The reason I show this scenario is because this is one of the only ways that I could see most people dealing with this. Albeit, amazed, jaw-dropped, but ok. Kind of like one of my favorite movies of all time, ‘Paul’. Further, done simultaneously, any powers or people who would get in the way of peaceful first contact, have no say, and can’t interfere. Like waking up after the first snow of the year. Everybody looks outside and sees snow…. It would only be weird if you looked two yards down and that neighbor had perfect summer in his yard. So, it would need to happen by a mechanism we already know and is a part of daily life. So freaking far below anybody’s radar that nobody could stop it and everybody would know. Easily, gently and softly. And joyfully. We always expect big, dramatic, MGM movie stuff to happen. We have been accultured to this by various influences that want us to expect big scary shit, so of course it has to come in as softly as kitten feet.


Why is this important and relevant to the DMR and F2B family? Well, my friends, haven’t you figured out the significance of Jimmy’s work yet? He has become a huge influence in the acceptance of an ET presence in the world. (DMR gets him listened to all over the world…) He is, one person at a time, changing a world view. And while I think efforts like ‘Rain on Congress’ are great and heroic, because in my heart of hearts I don’t think our gov’t has much chance of being viable for too long, it is a fool’s errand. And even if the gov’t was to continue forever, if major changes don’t occur in its structure, I can’t see anything would have much effect on it that would/could potentially change the status quo.

That said, it is my personal opinion that disclosure has already begun at a grass roots level, as an opening up of a belief/value system in many of us. A wider view of what’s going on out in the real world, not the one the current social structure would have you believe. A rule of thumb: when a crystalized structure (one that can no longer evolve) becomes so out of tune with its environment that it no longer serves anything but its continued survival, it shatters.

For all its worth, whatever Jimmy does (or doesn’t do) as long as his focus is asking the question ‘What’s out there?’ and inviting others to speculate along with him, he will have a listenership on whatever forum he chooses. It is my opinion also, that the more his listening body is included in his journey, like the twitter base, the wider his audience will be. It is part of the new paradigm; many minds together and aware of each other that is finding its voice through Jimmy’s work that makes it so magic. When we all listen and tweet, we make a much bigger whole in that moment, and the cohesive energy is immense, addicting and something we all need.

It is a new wave.wave2