Science and Spirit: tricky words

The words spirit and spiritual are terms used to identify almost anything unseen. Jung brings up a good point about their usage in a lecture delivered to the literary Society of Augsburg, 20 October 1926, on the theme of “Nature and Spirit”:

The connection between spirit and life is one of those problems involving factors of such complexity that we have to be on our guard lest we ourselves get caught in the net of words in which we seek to ensnare these great enigmas. For how can we bring into the orbit of our thought those limitless complexities of life which we call “Spirit” or “Life” unless we clothe them in verbal concepts, themselves mere counters of the intellect? The mistrust of verbal concepts, inconvenient as it is, nevertheless seems to me to be very much in place in speaking of fundamentals. “Spirit” and “Life” are familiar enough words to us, very old acquaintances in fact, pawns that for thousands of years have been pushed back and forth on the thinker’s chessboard. The problem must have begun in the grey dawn of time, when someone made the bewildering discovery that the living breath which left the body of the dying man in the last death-rattle meant more than just air in motion. It can scarcely be an accident onomatopoeic words like ruach (Hebrew), ruch (Arabic), roho (Swahili) mean ‘spirit’ no less clearly than πνεύμα (pneuma, Greek) and spiritus (Latin).[13]


The unseen world exists or we would not have all the words for it we do. I know the following is lengthy, not only to illustrate how it all gets lumped up and interchanged, but also in effort to find words for in ineffable, the unseen, but felt and known. The language itself enfolds proof for the unseen. These terms are as old as the roots of our languages are.




noun: spirit; plural noun: spirits

Spirit – Latin

Breath, breathing; breeze, air; inspiration; character; arrogance

From <>


Spirit – Etymology

The English word “spirit” comes from the Latin spiritus,but also “spirit, soul, courage, vigor”, ultimately from a Proto-Indo-European *(s)peis. It is distinguished from Latin anima, “soul” (which nonetheless also derives from an Indo-European root meaning “to breathe”, earliest form *h2enh1-).[4] In Greek, this distinction exists between pneuma (πνεῦμα), “breath, motile air, spirit,” and psykhē (ψυχή), “soul”[1

From <>




the nonphysical part of a person which is the seat of emotions and character; the soul.
“we seek a harmony between body and spirit”

synonyms: soul, psyche, inner self, inner being, essential being; More


anima, ego, id;



“we seek a harmony between body and spirit”

antonyms: body, flesh

the nonphysical part of a person regarded as their true self and as capable of surviving physical death or separation.
“a year after he left, his spirit is still present”

synonyms: life force, animating principle, vital spark, breath of life;

élan vital

“the spirit of nature”

the nonphysical part of a person manifested as an apparition after their death; a ghost.

synonyms: ghost, phantom, specter, apparition, wraith, shadow, presence; More

bodach; Doppelgänger; duppy; spook; phantasm, shade, revenant, visitant, wight; eidolon, manes

“local people say that his spirit walks among the hills”

a supernatural being. “shrines to nature spirits”   short for Holy Spirit.

those qualities regarded as forming the definitive or typical elements in the character of a person, nation, or group or in the thought and attitudes of a particular period.
“the university is a symbol of the nation’s egalitarian spirit”

synonyms: ethos, prevailing tendency, motivating force, animating principle, dominating characteristic, essence, quintessence; More

atmosphere, mood, feeling, temper, tenor, climate;

attitudes, beliefs, principles, standards, ethics

“the spirit of the nineteenth century”

a person identified with their most prominent mental or moral characteristics or with their role in a group or movement.   “he was a leading spirit in the conference”

a specified emotion or mood, especially one prevailing at a particular time. “I hope the team will build on this spirit of confidence” a person’s mood.
the attitude or intentions with which someone undertakes or regards something. “he confessed in a spirit of self-respect, not defiance”

synonyms: temperament, disposition, character, nature, personality, temper, makeup, humor, cast/turn of mind, complexion;

mind, heart “this thought dampened even my optimistic spirit”

attitude, frame of mind, way of thinking, way of looking at it, state of mind, point of view, outlook, thoughts, ideas   “she’s got the right spirit”

mood, frame of mind, state of mind, emotional state, humor, temper   “she was in good spirits when I left”

the quality of courage, energy, and determination or assertiveness. “his visitors admired his spirit and good temper”

synonym: morale, team spirit; esprit de corps “the spirit of the team is high”

courage, bravery, courageousness, braveness, pluck, pluckiness, valor, strength of character, fortitude, backbone, spine, mettle, stout-heartedness, determination, firmness of purpose, resolution, resoluteness, resolve, fight, gameness; guts, grit, spunk; bottle; sand, moxie animation, enthusiasm, eagerness, keenness, liveliness, vivacity, vivaciousness, energy, verve, vigor, dynamism, zest, dash, elan, panache, sparkle, exuberance, gusto, brio, pep, go, sap, fervor, zeal, fire, passion; pizzazz, oomph, zing, zip, zap, vim, get-up-and-go


the real meaning or the intention behind something as opposed to its strict verbal interpretation. “the rule had been broken in spirit if not in letter”

synonyms: real/true meaning, true intention, essence, substance

“we must be seen to keep to the spirit of the law as well as the letter”

British – strong distilled liquor such as brandy, whiskey, gin, or rum.

synonyms: strong liquor, liquor, strong drink; More

gin, vodka, whiskey, brandy, rum; shorts, firewater, hooch


a volatile liquid, especially a fuel, prepared by distillation. “aviation spirit”

a solution of volatile components extracted from something, typically by distillation or by solution in alcohol. “spirits of turpentine” a highly refined substance or fluid thought to govern vital phenomena.


Spiritual – Metaphysical terms

An incorporeal but ubiquitous, non-quantifiable substance or energy present individually in all living things. Unlike the concept of souls (often regarded as eternal and sometimes believed to pre-exist the body) a spirit develops and grows as an integral aspect of a living being.[9]


From <>

Then we have the word Science which comes from Latin and means:



Latin – Scire

To know, understand

noun: science

the intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behaviour of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment.
“the world of science and technology”

synonyms: branch of knowledge, body of knowledge/information/facts, area of study, discipline, field “the science of criminology”

a particular area of science.

Archaic – knowledge of any kind.
“his rare science and his practical skill”

The thought of the day is that science and spirituality, or spirit are not opposites, like todays general idea of them would have you think. And science doesn’t just study the physical side of life, it also studies the energetic, or spirit side of life too. (air is unseeable so are may gasses, not to mention the quantum side of things or what we do with sound….etc.) So this current idea of a split between science and spirit and not being able to use science to study, describe or quantify spirit is irrational. It is also a piece of programming that has held back the study of things unseen for about two thousand years (except in some circles) and stunted our knowledge base on purpose.

Science can study spirit the same as it studies all other matters and in some circles it has, thus we have our breakaway civilizations, and secret societies and mystery schools. Knowledge is power, and until the Guttenberg press was invented, regular society never even knew what the bible said. Now with the internet, we all have the opportunity to know anything…except those facts that science has discovered about spirit.

So my next question would be WHY? The only answer I have been able to come up with is that it would equalize the world too much such that those in power wouldn’t be able to stay in power. When you listen to fellows like Joe McMoneagle talk (who swears we are all spiritually endowed) and Russell Targ, or Rupert Sheldrake or Stewart Hameroff you realize there have been some real trailblazers out there as of late. Then you listen to people like Garry Nolan (who is working with Kit Green et al) in an interview on Phenomenon Radio try so very hard to use the ‘correct’ words to describe the intersect between spirit and science and his research in order not to incur the wrath of ‘normal science professionals’ and, well, I feel very sorry for the man. It’s obvious that he has such a passion for the research and yet, like Jung said in the paragraph above, the words become a tangle and a weapon which could be turned back against him if he is not scrupulous with them. Yet, you hear the passion he has for his work, and his hopes and expectations in the tone of his voice that says as much if not more than his words – all aspects of the unseen and spirit…

You see my point? It’s not so much what the unseen is, as it is that we have been taught that we mustn’t ever, ever, ever look at it square in the face. (but what is more fun than sticking your nose in where is doesn’t belong??? Lol)

Whether is it timing (the procession of the earth and the Yugas) or it is knowledge (the availability of information) causing a tipping point, the intervention of cosmic forces (ET’s, ID’s and the like, both benevolent and malevolent: bene-good mal-bad) or all of the above, the tipping point has been reached. But instead of only one direction, there are many, and when this is through, this opening up, it will be billions of directions, not just one, creating a singularity of unimagined proportions that will truly become the new human – the new identity that when we look back on this world, it will seem only a tiny grain of sand in a whole new ocean.

We don’t have the words, but we soon will. The question is, will we still need them, words, that is?


“Figure it out as you go”

It’s like being a parent. Sort of. The body has its own innate wisdom and intelligence. It was made to carry a soul, but the poor soul is ignored by most adults. If fact, adulting is measured by how successfully you can ignore your soul. Do this. Do that. Now. In order. It doesn’t matter if you want to be outside communing with nature. It doesn’t matter that you have an idea to do something exciting, something else. You MUST get up and make the day work.

We are never taught to listen to our souls – well except if you choose the religious life, even then, you are taught that this happens ONLY one way, their way – and still that special communing with your soul might happen but rarely does, all because you are not taught to listen, you are taught a method – and the method is a purposeful distraction that keeps you out of yourself at all times.

And yet, there is a totally innate inborn system to do this that has been there as long as there have been humans. The two, body and soul, work in tandem naturally. Its why we get ulcers when we carry anger…etc. and, upon thinking about it, imo, it just might be a tri-fold system where the unity of body and soul open a doorway to a larger aspect of yourself and the universe. However, today, it’s mostly talked about as a binary system. Body-container and what rides in it.

This third part, once invited in becomes your observer, or higher self. The one you talk to in running conversation all day in your head. It is also the one that notices when you get a severe case of the stupids and tells you “You might want to rethink that.”

In fact, to get that part of yourselves attention, you need to notice it, because whatever you turn your attention to, notices you back. I have noticed. (lol) I have noticed down to even inanimate objects. As a matter of fact my mom taught me that. Her ‘stuff’, her car, the vacuum cleaner, the washing machine all had personalities. She would talk to them all the time and to my child’s eyes it seemed they heard her. Because it was something my mom did, I did it too and to my surprise, my ‘stuff’ has its own personalities too. Her cars always had a name. so do mine. They have personalities of their own – an essence that is noticeable. Her dogs always seemed more human to me, and that is because of the quality of attention she gave them – or anything. She was one of the most attentive people I have ever known.

Which led to me learn that all ‘stuff’ – be it animate or inanimate has a signature. Some of those signatures are more aware than others, being they were a higher order of matter – living things, trees animals etc. But what we consider inanimate ‘stuff’ has a signature too and the more attention you give it, the more developed that signature becomes. I kid you not. If you use your attention. If you do not, they never ‘wake up’.


Awareness Life information  
Attention Noticing Communication Awareness
Body Spirit Mind Life
Matter Energy Intelligence



And so on in every case.


Which, of course led me to Morphic Fields to explaining the above. Once you run out of matter, you run into energy and energy is a field. And fields are patterns and or frequency as in it repeats. Patterns are nothing more than repetitions of frequencies. How they comingle and how they interact are Morphogenic fields. Morphogenic fields are fields that change over time with more information added to them. They grow or evolve. That makes them interactive, so the more you notice them the more information exchange goes on. They are fractal in nature meaning that just like a magnet, if you cut it in half you do not end up with one piece a north end and one piece a south end, you end up with two magnets.

Morphic fields are not static – meaning they move and interact with every other field out there within a sea of fields. They have resonance and a sort of collective memory and they act in non-local ways. In larger more complex morphic fields like that of the collective unconscious of everything on this earth that is us – including every last rock and grain of sand – there is a huge vast very old intelligence that we are a part of like a cell within our own bodies. There is LOTS of information there.

So, if you query a morphic field, will it teach you?

Imo: yes, if you can listen, if you will listen.  It will teach you by resonance. Sometimes listening is telepathy. I have heard lately that telepathy is a learned language, that it takes thought and feeling. I, of course think it takes a third aspect, that of intent. Without intent we just lob thoughts out there into the morphogenic sea.

If you look at an electromagnetic field, it has two energies: a magnetic one and an electric one travelling at right angles to each other, and that would be confusing as to vector if it didn’t have guide wire.

Well, telepathy, it occurred to me, is just like that. You have thought and perpendicular to that thought is an accompanying e-motion – so we are almost always producing telepathy, it’s just that like that guide wire in the above, we rarely hook it up with intention to give it a direction. Usually we are producing these thoughts with emotion and just plopping them into the general morphic field around us with no vector. Which serves the purpose of attracting more of what you just put out. However, when we cohere the thought with emotion and direction using intent, then, it goes somewhere and does the work with whatever emotional energy you have imbued it with.

Emotion Thought Intention
Field Electricity Vector

This makes intent/attention the address. On the other side of the equation though, there is the receiver. If the receiver isn’t paying attention, then maybe the packet gets stored in the subconscious mind of the receiver instead of being noticed by their conscious mind? Or it pops up for you to notice if you can decode the message later. Funny story here:

Once I was at a health expo in Chicago where a group of Tibetan monks were building a huge beautiful sand mandala in a big airy atrium and I was just watching them for a minute before exiting the place to go home. It occurred to me while watching that in reality, these mandalas when finished carried an energy signature that extended beyond the flat 2D realm, that they had 3D-4D energy to them. I could just catch what it looked like in my mind’ eye. The idea really excited me! Wow!! So, to see if I was right, I tried to ask one of the gentlemen not dressed like a monk, but who was obviously with them and looked like the spokesperson. There were many monks there besides the ones working on the mandala. A couple were leaning on the posts sitting on the floor obviously taking a break, some were visiting with the people watching. As I tried to ask the question to this man several times, who couldn’t understand me, a voice in my head said “Of course it is three dimensional!” To wit, I said back mentally “Shush, I am trying to ask a question here!” The man just refused understand me and I looked away and noticed one of the monks who was resting against a post was silently laughing. At the time I thought he was laughing at me for trying to ask a stupid question and being thoroughly frustrated because no one would answer me. It wasn’t until I was in my car driving home that I realized what actually happened. That reclining monk had answered me, telepathically and thought it was funny when I told him to be quiet.

This Tibetan monk very obviously had training. What he said came through clear as a bell. And I, LIKE AN IDIOT, shushed him because my left brain was so busy pursuing an answer. No wonder the dear soul was laughing. Once I realized it I laughed too – all the way home.

It’s funny how we all pursue something thinking out question bombs, throwing that energy out all around us and then not notice the answers when they come to us, because they didn’t come in the way we expected them to come. But I guess that’s part of the “figure it out as you go” life on this planet. I mean, god forbid we ever get training in this sort of stuff.

Hunting the Smell of Chocolates

Thoughts are energy.

All energy is a frequency, a wave. That wave has peaks and troughs. How often those ups and downs happen is called resonance.

Resonance is a unit of frequency…a note. Pluck a string on a piano and the guitar in the same room with a string in ratio (harmony) to that note will sound.

With that in mind, it behooves us to examine our daily thoughts and judgments, our errant ideas and day dreams that float through usually without our notice. Inspect each and every one of your thoughts and intentions (especially intentions because they are thought below thought…) with that in mind. What is your resonance? It is a sort of meditation.

Therefor finding your bliss is like hunting the smell of chocolates that gently waft through on the wind. Sometimes it’s so insubstantial that you must stop and breathe deeply, anchor the deliciousness and follow where it gets stronger. I agree with Mitch Horowitz on what you dreamed when you were a wee little thing is what eventually shapes your life. So I hope you dreamt big. I hope you dreamt love. Those are the things that lead to all else. Your magical child has kept all those dreams for you. So, go hunt the smell of chocolate.

Field Dynamics

Cliff High talks about field dynamics.  So do a lot of other people who are beginning to wake up.  Every last iota of matter has an electromagnetic field. These fields interact like a drop of blue dye in a glass of water, or cream poured into black coffee. Seeing as how matter is nothing but energy at low frequency, the smaller the pieces of matter you look at – the less dense it gets.

Once you run out of matter, you run into energy fields. In the electric universe theory, matter is plasma in a quiescent state – unexcited. But once you add extra energy to it, it becomes a ‘glowed’ plasma, like a star. Plasma is glowing matter. And because matter is only energy you could say that the basis of all manifestation is plasma – which is energy – in an infinite array of frequency states. Out in space Hubble has taken pictures of glowed strings of pearls or Birkeland currents connecting stars along a string. The human body is no different.

If you were to look at the old chakra system with new quantum electric universe eyes, what would you see?md15 A Birkeland current with eight (maybe more) nodes on it.pearls




Birkeland currents always have a counter rotational coherence due to the interaction of a negative and a positive sheet of electrons.2current At a Zpinch, or magnetic bottle neck, current density produces excited neutral atoms. These collect, or accrete in a disk. Literally producing matter.

Our electric nature is what produces the matter we are made of. The Zpinches of our system are our chakras. kundalini2There are also, at every joint in the body, sub-chakras accreting matter. Multiple pinches in a current look like a strand of pearls.

Hubble Space Telescope provided a detailed look at the comet P/Shoemaker-Levy 9 before it smashed into Jupiter.

Human aura is electric – the more minerals you have, the more electricity it can conduct. With more ‘juice’ in your system you can do more things… like telepathy and healing and using your own dimensional body portal to ‘go’ places and bi-locate… this is science, not magic.

As the body has its own current lines and spirals, so does the earth. Gaia has her natural ones and constructed ones. We have constructed or, non-natural energetic lines on us every time we put on a watch, or a piece of jewelry or ear buds, for that matter. On Gaia the constructed energy paths are lay lines. Those are the straight lines between power place to power place and sacred place to sacred place. Lay lines are not Telluric lines. Lay lines run in straight lines from one power/sacred place to another

Gaia’s natural current lines are called Telluric Currents and are low frequency paths that run through terrain features that can be found on topographical maps like:

  • Waterways including underground water
  • Mountain or hill tops
  • Fault lines

Intersections of these lines (where they cross) have more power and interact with radio and radar as seen by the research of Winston Keech and Steven Mera.

Geomagnetic field anomalies are indicated by telluric currents. The higher the field, you get apports – things that appear out of no where. The lower the field better you are at telepathy.

The torsion fields of tornadoes and hurricanes can create temporary electromagnetic fields powerful enough to create portals and phenomena.

Geomagnetic anomalies (John Burroughs on Phenomenon Radio, KGRA interviewing Winston (Win) Keech and Ronny Dugdale on 06-21-2018 found in the KGRA archives) can be resident in the ground per quartz density plus terrain stressors and or water. This creates lower than normal or higher than normal geomagnetic torsion fields or swirls in the geographic area. These are known places of weirdness all over the world. These places of high or low frequency electromagnetic anomalies create boundary activity, just like low and high pressure fronts create chaotic and sometimes dangerous weather where they meet. These areas can be amped up by technology like radar, the same way haarp can super heat the atmosphere and rev up already existing weather systems to create a bigger more active storms. The torsion action of an electromagnetic field, if it has enough juice can be a natural portal area, a dimensional slip plane that opens a ‘door’ into another frequency if the harmonics can match. (same in the human body)

After reading the book “American Cosmic” by Diana Pasulka, and listening to people like Gordon White from Rune Soup, two extremes of the same coin – that of the investigation not so much of ‘where‘ is out there, but exactly who is out there, how many of them are there and what are they like and let’s talk to them type of research, from a cultural perspective, I have realized that just like all those on the science side, the Radins, the Mishloves, the Camerons, they are all coming into a central point. Right along with the rest of us. We are looking at a multidimensional, multi-disciplinary, multicultural situation that is eons old and interlaced or entangled if you will, in time, space and consciousness that cannot be seen only from one of those perspectives (much like the five blind men and the elephant parable).

That once a person has had connection to even one aspect of the elephant in the room, something life changing happens, epiphanies abound, DNA changes, phenomena increase in frequency and life becomes much vaster than a person ever thought possible.

Its bigger than just aliens, or dimensions or belief systems its bigger than just the planet or our solar system, or science, or philosophy and we are at the tipping point.

Right Now.

Walter Bosley talking torsion field development

Basic information on portals and power intersections: Barry Fitzgerald and Steve Mera

LMH w/ Winston Keech

Grant Cameron with Steven Mera part 1

Grant Cameron with Steven Mera Part 2

Kevin Day proof that contact with the phenomena creates vulnerable state for more contact

The questions LMH askes with Grant Cameron

Another way of looking at the disembodied :Rune Soup

The dark demon perspective Nick Redfern on LMH’s show

Nick Redfern on the Collins Elite (the-they?)

Academic view of angels and demons Pasulka – American Cosmic









I know Nothing….

After 65 years, I know nothing. Nothing at all. And it looks like when I die, I will still know nothing. And IMO that’s the plan. Information is power, and the last thing that earthlings are allowed to have is power. So we get our brains packed with bull sh*t. from you tube, from social media and the nightly news, the daily news, you name it – not a single source of real reporting or information anywhere. As a matter of fact, I’m just like them, I’m all opinion sourced from opinion… do I really know anything?


And neither do the rest of us. We think we know. And we proceed from there. Oh yes, we have all had our experiences, we have all had our downloads, but how do we place these all within the greater view of things? WE DON’T KNOW. And if the gdmd touted ‘they’ have anything at all to say about it – and ‘they’ do – we never, ever will.

We are all stuck in a system that feeds us irrelevant, meaningless garbage to use an old term: GIGO. Garbage in: garbage out.

(In computer science, garbage in, garbage out describes the concept that flawed, or nonsense input data produces nonsense output or “garbage”. The principle also applies more generally to all analysis and logic, in that arguments are unsound if their premises are flawed. Wikipedia)

And really, being in my sixties, I’m over it. I’m done hearing about the Pleadians, the repts, the greys, the good, the bad and the uglies. I don’t want to hear about ascension, harvesting, the end of the world, or the exploding sun. I simply want to see the pattern, know the history – the real history – and be able to assess where we are today.

Who gives a flying frick if there are aliens out there, or walking among us. If they were here to cause problems we would already know about it. But – WE KNOW NOTHING! If there was an invasion – even a very quiet one – we would already know about it – but we don’t. These things would be self-evident. (supposedly) I mean, there are no riots in the streets, there are no mass suicides, there is no mass hysteria, religions are not dead, cats are NOT sleeping with dogs… all things they in their high and mighty wisdom 70 years ago were sure would happen; and their only excuse for hiding the knowledge…????


So, (here I go again based on nothing but reaction to false information from all the media) IMO, we are caught in a woven cage of GIGO on a daily basis, unable to even get one true fact, smothering in factoids.

(A factoid is either a false statement presented as a fact or a true, but brief or trivial item of news or information. Wikipedia)

I feel like I have been in a nasty dumpster, covered in slime and stinking to high hell, searching for that one bit of evidence, that one piece of clarity that could solve the case. And well, today, I didn’t find it. Today I am just down right tired of stinking.

There has got to be a way to beat ‘them’ at this game. I’m open to suggestions…knowledge is power but if the only knowledge you can get is GIGO… then what?

Knowledge is power, knowledge is money, which makes knowledge valuable, but only if its the right kind, and only if you are not wasting your brain cells and energy on wading through garbage, hoping for that glimmer of something useful amid the trash.

Did I mention that,

Knowledge is Power


I just got done listening to Jeffery Mishlove interview Russell Targ about his book, The End of Suffering” The interview is called Non-Duality. Sometimes while I am doing house work, I just put on Jeffery Mishlove’s channel, ‘New Thinking Allowed’ and let it run because he explores all sides of the consciousness question with an emphasis on phenomena through a huge spectrum of how to look at it – all the angles.

Anyway, Russell Targ brought up a point that I was taught so long ago that I forgot about it but use it like I do my lungs for breathing. And that is to Allow. When remote viewing, you need to set your mind up to simply allow it to happen. When healing, you simply need to allow the energy to do its job. When you are hooking up with nature, outside, or your puppies, there is no procedure…you simply allow the connection.


Which begs the question that we are set up to do this and it really is just that simple. As simple as breathing. It shouldn’t have to bring up beads of sweat on your forehead and make your face red in concentration.

Just as easy as breathing, inhale… and on the exhale allow. I also use the term reach – which is actually the intention to touch, in combination to make a connection. This works so well that a couple of times I have surprised myself and once or twice the people I have reached for because they felt it too. ( and yes, some of those were not indigenous to earth…jus’ say’in) (don’t care whether you believe me or not either – ’cause I believe me… lmao)

But really this is about the word: Allow.

It seems to open a door in the limited little cage we are in and makes the whole process just that much easier.



Just a Sunday thought…

Alchemy is the bench engineering of the soul

I got a tickle out of Mr. Weidner last night on Fade to Black. (around the 2:12:02 mark) He practically said that when he was talking about the practice of alchemy. Bench engineering: it’s kinda like the tinkerer in his garage playing with magnets and electricity that happens on something that works. Then he sees if he can do it again, and then he refines it to get it to do precisely what he wants. Lols, it’s called MacGyvering it! And in a great sense it’s about playing, tinkering, having fun, letting the world show you how it works.

There are those of us out there who have ‘tinkered’ with our selves this way too – through thought, yoga, meditation, art, music, drugs – we are constantly ‘playing’ with life, energy and our capabilities. We are quite literally ‘bench-engineering’ ourselves. Without any and I mean any basic knowledge of how we really work, or how we really function. But we are paying attention to what happens and we are using intent to want to know how we work beyond the physical to focus our awareness such that the information is then delivered, or made obvious to us. There is never a time that a mental plea for information is not answered. “Ask, and ye shall receive.” is a true-ism.

Yes, when your focus in life is to learn this stuff, and you go to religious, spiritual, academic sources, to schools and repositories of information, to groups and to gurus, asking to be taught, asking to be given what you think will lead you to the answer, there is a price. When the irony of it is, this information is all there for the asking from the inside out. In other words, no one can tell you and 90% of them out there will not tell you, and the other 10% will lead you to the inner path. The books, the schools are really an impediment to the real ‘A-ha’ moment which can only come when you turn on the inner light and see. They can support and direct but they cannot not give you the gem you are looking for – you must do that. And you realize that it is only the first step – that the information nexus that turned on at that first light is only the first step in a vast array of truths to be seen. There is no graduation there is only the next step, the next level. It’s the real NeverEnding Story.


Life is alchemy.

Alchemy is information.

Information is consciousness   and,

Consciousness is the unified field.

ps. the books are inside you

Hiding in the quantum superposition.

I have been at this ‘UFO’ thing for close to 60 years, and the texture and content of this awareness has changed many times since then. It has changed internally according to my growth and maturity and understanding of the subject. The subject it’s self has grown and morphed into many things and changed also.

The one thing I have learned is that:

THIS IS NOT AN EITHER OR REALITY!   IT’S A BOTH-AND REALITY. (in fact, it’s a many faceted beautiful thing)

The question is not: is it, or isn’t it a UFO. It’s not: is this true or false. No, I think, IMO, that as long as the question floats in the quantum superposition, it is an infinity of possibilities and until enough minds collapse that superposition, it will remain that way. (Which leads me to wonder if all of us together comprise a huge quantum computer – metaphorically – that until enough minds are engaged a thing/event/or experience cannot manifest…? But that’s another article…)

You’d think that with all the attention on this subject, there would be a superposition informational field collapse, and that has not happened. So the next question is why not? IMO, like a lot of others out there right now, my feeling is that we are seeing a subject with many sides to it and only looking at a few of those sides, therefore, the phenomena can’t collapse out of the super position, because we are not truly observing it…

Just a thought.

Also, a more daunting thought, what if this whole ball of wax really is a fractal, meaning there are as many sides to this as you could imagine and more – like we are misinterpreting the entire world. Which laughingly I think we are. But it would put off solving the whole equation till the metaphorical end of time. Sigh

There is a branch of study called Hermeneutics which boils down to the interpretation of …. well, interpretation.

Hermeneutics (/ˌhɜːrməˈnjuːtɪks/)[1] is the theory and methodology of interpretation,[2][3] especially the interpretation of biblical texts, wisdom literature, and philosophical texts.[4][5]

Modern hermeneutics includes both verbal and non-verbal communication[6][7] as well as semiotics, presuppositions, and pre-understandings. Hermeneutics has been broadly applied in the humanities, especially in law, history and theology. <

Kinda like how to think what we think and how to determine who has the truest truth, sort of thing. Progressive thought to day kinda side steps this by allowing a personal truth to be truth, understanding that we all have different, although sometimes strikingly similar, experiences of the same thing. Like the allowance for some people to feel that a thermostat set to 68 degrees is just fine, while others feel a chill at that temperature, or five people at an accident describing it 5 different ways. Back in the day, a hermeneutic was the one person who could tell you what the gods meant.

The early usage of “hermeneutics” places it within the boundaries of the sacred.[11]:21 A divine message must be received with implicit uncertainty regarding its truth. This ambiguity is an irrationality; it is a sort of madness that is inflicted upon the receiver of the message. Only one who possesses a rational method of interpretation (i.e., a hermeneutic) could determine the truth or falsity of the message.[11]:21-22>

Which is what we all see with the experiencer side of the UFO phenomena, or any phenomena for that matter. There is a little ‘wild around the eyes’ of those of  us who have been through crazy, but are definitely not crazy. In this instance John Mack would be a hermeneutic.

IMO, it’s going to take all of us looking and seeing together to begin to allow this ‘what-ever-it-is’ to take shape and come out of super position and be. Maybe it is because this weti (what ever it is) is a misapprehension in the first place? Or maybe it takes many eyes and many hearts to see it for what it really is…

Or, maybe it’s just up there hiding…