The threads pulled.

I’m not sure whether it’s just me and the algorithms that have my research stamp all over them, but I have noticed that in the last week, it seems the new thread popping up everywhere is that of ancient archeology, the footprints of the annunaki on the planet and what happened to Atlantis and Antarctica and the Deep State.

I’ve seen it in all the of fringy articles out there in the threads that that are being connected from all of the above topics. In just you tube alone (member of google) the number of conspiracy videos on say chemtrail and big pharma have reduced drastically to be replaced by videos about pre-Adamites and ancient Sumer. As a matter of fact, the spelling lexicon three weeks ago didn’t recognize the word ‘adamites’ and now it wants to correct it the word by capitalizing ‘Adamites’.

We all use the internet in various ways and for various reasons. So I have been watching what it tends to feed me as a sort of experiment. Basically because when I wanted to find something that wasn’t a trend it was becoming almost impossible. But when I was in the obviously proscribed current, force-fed groove I got an embarrassment of riches…

So once I had proved to myself that the internet was being used to pump the ‘deep-state story’ out to the public by sheer force of repetition, I just sat back and watched.

So now they are all about telling us the story David Wilcock and Corey Goode are talking about in Antarctica. Telling us about the pre-Adamites and our hidden history and to punch that through, all of the old videos about said subject are coming up as ‘new’ and regurgitated on you tube, like Jim Mars on Mono-atomic gold, David Childress Hatchers’ long lecture on the similarity of monolithic stone building techniques across the world that I remember from 5 years ago, and on and on.

So, the hot new topic? Tracing the evidence around the globe of the pre-adamic cultures to prime the pump, so to speak for the intel that will come out from Antarctica (Arc’lantis) in my estimation, in the not too distant future.

Now, just to prove me wrong, go to your very specially designed you tube threads, what pops up in your front page due to the way you watch and what you watch, and tell me if you haven’t noticed the trend. I would love some comment on this. Go to your face book threads and tell me what has been popping up there past your friends posts on their family everyday life. What are they watching, thinking about and what have been their re-posts outside of the daily stuff. Perform this small experiment for me…

It appears they are dosing us with small tidbits of information, so that even the most asleep fb’ers and you tubers are not caught that off guard, because they want us all to swallow lock, stock and barrel their rendition of this information when they release it.

One theory I have is that about 5 years ago, we were pre-dosed with an abundance of slightly (only slightly) wrong information about our occulted prehistory on purpose. Add to that the amount of information that is about to break out into the public about the current illuminati’s practices and what is becoming the obvious way they think about us normal people, and you will see what they are doing. This Arc’lantis information, as startling as it might be and the pre-dosing of some of the back story, however convoluted it appears to be, is all to divert our attention away from the actual horror of the truth that is coming out about the pre-adamic survivors – the illuminati, and what they have de-evolved into.

And while I can see this is necessary, that we need to know the ancient history and begin to see how it fits into today’s society and the mess we are in, it all revolves around one principle. That of one type of psychological profile considering anything other than themselves so inconsequential that not only were we treated like lab rats, we were (and are, it seems) a food source – and I’m not talking loosh here. I’m talking red juicy meat. If you will notice, that has been their treatment of the planet too. Nothing in their pea brains, it seems, is greater than themselves, or to be treated with compassion and empathy.

Think about it.

The one saving grace is that we are past the tipping point in our conscious evolution and heading toward completion of this growth-spurt at light speed. We are picking up momentum like an avalanche. By the time we understand the whole story, these people will only be a blip in our evolutionary path. By then we will not need to do anything to rid ourselves of them, for they will have taken care of that all on their own. And we will be way down the path to healing this planet and becoming the beings we have always known we are.

Epilogue: Lest I forget the deep state and the break-aways and everything going on off the planet… The above is being used to divert our attention away from that.  Jus FYI


Who has dominance over your inner focus – you or somebody else?

There are people out there, who are presenting a wholly rotten point of view on issues that is irresponsible, to say the least. Not good or bad – as opinion is just opinion, not fact. IMO.

I am not sure who is right. Half of their stuff I like, the other parts, I don’t. some seem to get off on reporting highly negative information – if that information is right – and even if it is not, the ethical underpinnings of saying stuff like that, that is not true and making people think that it is, are horrendous. (loosh – if that is even correct…) Even if it is, is that the timeline/reality I want to be part of? Do I ACTUALLY have a choice of timelines – are there more than one – or is that a lie too???

Then there is a person, who sounds just like my husband, a highly rational thinking person, who says this is a purely manufactured bit of nonsense and that the pedophilia information is not correct. I understand that information like this is so outlandish and hurtful that it is hard to be believed. I can’t say I know one way or the other – if we can believe alien abductions, MILABs, reptilians and all the rest, then it makes no sense to say this isn’t real. Could  it be just a ploy to rev up negative emotions. (? If the alien loosh thing is real…) Or not. The ‘or not’ part is a little disturbing too.

IF what you believe and how you feel creates your time line, then I WANT a far better world. I know I wrote that piece on needing to remember our flaws for the wisdom they bring, however, if switching to a better timeline means forgetting this level of stupidity, I’m almost in (but not). Why can’t we do both?

This IS, after all, earth school and I don’t have to believe that, I know that is a fact, 63 years a fact. It’s almost as if to say that we need to suspend our credulity, information/facts and its content in order to achieve a timeline shift. (Are there conscious laws of energy here that I am missing?) It’s the same as saying that if you make it through to the ‘good’ timeline then there will be no earth changes that destroy the world. – and if you don’t, then too bad for you. It can’t include lying to yourself. Nor can it include ignoring a fact, because the blindfold tactic never works either – that’s what got us here in the first place and created a world of sheep!!!!


What if, instead of

What you believe creates your reality,

it is,

What you empower by lending your focus and attention to, creates you reality?


There is something so off, so unreal underneath this, that I am beginning to feel like EVERY last bit of it is just a giant mind twist. Some Cosmic Joke – if there is such a thing.

A part of me waaaay in the back of my mind keeps asking me if this is all real anyway, and if I’m not in a coma somewhere in reality, just stuck in this life I’m living now that I think is real…At least once a day – it intrudes and asks the same question. catI have no way to determine the answer, but when the question goes through me – it almost feels like it is the superior reality. HMMMM I also used to have the fantasy years ago that we were in a terrarium where we could not see out but huge beings were watching in on all of the daily life of everybody… just watching – like we do an ant farm….

All of the times in my life that the ‘real’ world became too hard or convoluted or messed-up I have popped through to the ET equation. Interesting there. So why? Or is it that I pop inside to try to work it out and this is what I find? I’m not sure. It’s the same as the two disparate illusions of reality battling against each other right now in the world – two time lines sometimes 3 and all of our heads spinning. And I have no answer – just frustration at not being able to distinguish truth for fiction and outright lies.

Maia would call this the insanity of this world. Today, I rather think he is right.

I am really beginning to think the nature of reality is not what we think

So, a couple of hours later, I am helped to understand. It’s not that all of this is either true or not – IMO it probably all is, however: whatever you FOCUS on expands. Period.

Now I have heard the argument that you just can’t sit back on your fat ass and concentrate on unicorns and rainbows and expect it to pop up before you, curing all the ills of the world instantaneously. Righto. Point taken. I agree. HOWEVER, you can ‘FOCUS’ BECAUSE WHAT YOU FOCUS ON EXPANDS… Let me repeat that:



It does NOT judge

It does NOT weigh truth or lie

It does NOT gauge accuracy

It does not negate any fact



Do you understand?


If we expand the positive (and I don’t mean in the aerie-fairie-new-age way) right beside the negative, then the negative could be solved faster, easier and better. Focusing on the positive creates calmness of the heart and mind and allows a different mode of thinking. problemseinsteinLike Einstein said, “You cannot solve a problem at the level of thinking that it was created in.” It in no way says any bit of information is false, or puts a judgement on it or disallows your soul sadness at the recognition of the situation – fake or not. It simply focuses. Much like when you are in pain, if you can divert your attention it doesn’t hurt as much because you are not directly focused on the pain.

And then the thought hit me – that it might be the way the timelines may able to split because of the focus and the hundredth monkey effect creating a morphogenetic resonance throughout the subconscious consensus. Because none of us want misery and none of us want pain, or to see another in pain. Except the psychopaths. And they would like to force their vision upon us through main stream media, money, big pharma, pizza gate, ad nauseum…. You get the jist of it, right?

This is a fight for DOMINANCE, not fact.

This is a fight for a dominant point of view. A fight for an emotional energetic frequency cage. It’s not that things like the ‘pizza-gate’ issue are not real, it’s that how much attention are you going to FOCUS on the issue? How much of your energy are you going to just give the darkness? (even though it may be a sham… or not…) What will be your FOCUS? Will you get enraged and worry about it and let it pull your feelings into nastiness, or will you send it light and love so that it may solve the situation, or will you do responsible research? And I don’t just mean listen to all the camps positions about this, I mean real research with documents and the like? Evidence as the other camp is so fond of using against the unseen world. Obviously this is NOT an unseen problem. Real people are involved in doing real things to other real people. That means there is evidence somewhere. What will be your focus?

Most of us do not have the means nor the time to spend to do the last bit. So, you have a choice, get your chain (the one attached to the metal collar around your neck) yanked, or choose to help the larger fight that will eventually change this place from one where this can happen into a place where this would never happen. (there is a lot to say about victim consciousness – but not here)

One of the greatest lessons during WWII was something that happened in the concentration camps. People learned what it meant to be sovereign in the their minds alone. Even while the most horrendous things possible were going on. (don’t ask how I know, I just do.) Once again, we are in a jump and fly or crash situation. We need to take our inner sovereignty and responsibly decide what we will CHOOSE to FOCUS on.

Because sometimes the only way out, is in.