…and in my heart, it is Christmas morning.

I know this whole opening into a better world belongs to our children and the future.

Last Night’s Jimmy Church Radio Show for Disclosure Fest simply warmed the totality of my heart!

Disclosure and all, and I mean all, that it is about has finally reached a ground swell, has finally gotten enough momentum to continue. There are finally enough of us out there who know the truth –  that even if ‘the-they’ tried to confuse the issue one more time as Grant Cameron has pointed out that they have about every 20 years in his book ‘Managing Magic’ the-they would be entirely unsuccessful.

This feels like Christmas morning as a kid before you open the presents to me. I have, since I was very little, known I wanted this to happen with all my heart. Being little I had no idea how it would happen, but I had a fierce longing in my heart for it, even before ‘it’ became a fully formed idea in my mind. I was born in 1953. I charged into all-about-UFO’s at a very, very young age. By the time I was 13, I had been chasing this idea of ET’s not even knowing I was doing it for 10 years and as I grew up so the idea got more sophisticated in my heart and soul. I seriously KNEW there was life out there and I wanted to meet them and know them. I thought Star Trek was the best thing ever to happen on TV, because it portrayed life out there in a balanced more sane way than ever before. I wanted to be Vulcan because when I figured out what telepathy was, I wanted it and at the time I didn’t realize it, but I had already had a first contact experience that was telepathic and continued to have them throughout my life. Might I say, the people who I knew then had the highest ethic of compassion and love, of contact only to the extent that the psyche of the person could tolerate reasonably and they NEVER went past my internal boundaries – not once – even when I didn’t know what a boundary was! I cut my eye teeth on Adamski and Menger. I ate up every publication I could find – even science fiction, information was always serendipitously appearing for me to read, and I was a card carrying member of NICAP for a while.

I kept hoping through the years in my heart of hearts – all through grade school and high school and after, that we would wake up. It was all obvious to me and I wished everybody knew too. I got married at 18 had my first child 8 years later my second 2 years later and it wasn’t until the mid-80’s when I could finally get my head out of the sand and re-look at the UFO issue.

By that time, of course, people were laughing at the 50’s contactees and everybody was into ‘serious’ research on nuts and bolts. The movie “the Three Faces of Eve” had come out in 1957 and then was remade at for TV as a miniseries called ‘Sybil’ in 1976. Both of these movies, IMO were CIA propaganda the frighten the hell out of people who were beginning to have contact with ET’s telepathically so that no one would ever open their mouths. They painted a horrifying picture of brokenness, that, IMO, might even have been concocted from information gleaned from MKUltra experiments. So even if you were at that time receiving telepathic communications, or downloads – even if you masked it in spiritualism, you were looked upon as a truly sick and fractured person.

Meanwhile, I was into yoga, mysticism and was a card carrying member of the Theosophical Society in Wheaton IL at 18yrs old – still looking for a way to open my mind. Well, marriage, 2 kids, divorce and remarriage and launching of 20 somethings later, I finally, truly had the time to pursue this issue with the intensity I wanted to. When I retired in 2007 I had found Kerry Cassidy, then I found a dear soul, Kosta Makreas who literally set me on the course that has me writing these blogs, and not long after that Jimmy Church. I missed all the falderal from 1980 to 2007 and when I dipped my toes back into my passion, I was ‘given’ Kerry Cassidy to learn from, and the dominoes fell.

Today, the heart dreams I had as a very small child are coming to fruition, the ground swell is so great, we have people like David Wilcock, Corey Goode and Emery Smith presenting information that I know in my heart of hearts is VERY real (did they read my mind?) and “The Truth is Out There” quite literally, for all to see. Then we have the youngsters out there with huge talent Like Adrian Vallera, who has taken the true jist of the 60’s hippie movement sans the drugs and sex (because I see the manifesto of the Space Brothers as a direct transfer into the hippie movement of the 60’s) and is beginning to manifest it on a large, brilliant scale to reach as many souls as his team can.

I have watched for 63 years and I have kept my dreams of my heart to myself for 63 years, what I thought I would never see hit the light of day, is illuminated. We will make it, and it is the youngsters who will see to it we do.


…and in my heart, it is Christmas morning.


What if – ‘Beam me up scotty’!

If consciousness organizes the quantum background to create matter or appearance, then you could take your consciousness elsewhere and distill a point of reference from the surrounding background there in which to interact with the fauna and flora by the use of the principle nonlocal entanglement.

This would make you a non-local entity – or believe it or not, an ET.

This is how we would do it, by using the local quantum background to create a vehicle. You’d reach your consciousness to its destination and distill  matter or an energetic body around the conscious ‘you’.


In the case of a star trek like transporter, the computer would send the conscious energetic part of you through to another point in space, dissolving at one end the energy of the physical at which time on the other side it would take from the energetic subquanta the same organizational pattern to recreate the body in the new place. 2 types of energy: a cohesive packet of information that is you and a set of instructions for the recreation of the body. The consciousness would be actually aligned with the body by its own frequency field.


This is part of what is going on with orbs at this time, IMO. They are simply differing amounts of conscious penetration into the 3D field. Because we have a frequency fence here in this place, should they fully form, they might get caught, that is why we are beginning to see so many orbs of all different types. And what if these orbs are unassisted manifestations without the use of computer control: fully organic? Or, not – they could be a simple hole punched through this frequency to allow information transfer from this space to another.


“Beam me up scotty – or wait! I’ll do it myself.”

(of course I was listening to Whitley Strieber…)


High Strangeness in the middle of…wait Indiana??

This is just a short piece, and only because it occurred to me last night in relating this story to friends we had over for the official break out of the grill, that there was some high strangeness going on. When you have a husband that you report a sighting to – that fulfills some nuts and bolts requirements like erratic movement and his only retort to that is – “It was drones.”, you kind of get used to discounting the high strangeness factor.

firepit We were sitting round our little fire pot in the dark talking after dinner and I’m not sure I remember how we got on the subject, I recounted how strange the house has been in the last month. Now mind you, we have a security system that logs every door and window opened and closed where they were and what time they were moved or opened and for how long, whether the system is armed or not. There is an app on your phone that you can check anytime you want to see what has been going on at the house while you were away. My husband is a geek – stuff like that appeals to him… me, on the other hand I will not arm it while I am home, or I will set it off. Yeah.

It is no secret that I am grandson transport during the week. I leave at about the same time and I come back around the same time. I always check the dogs’ water bowl before I leave – to see if I need to replace water. They barely drink while I am gone, so I leave it only half full. 3 or four times now I have walked back in and the bowl has been fresh, brimming to the top. The first time I was kind of surprised thinking – huh, I don’t remember filling that. The second time I got suspicious. The third time I called my husband and he checked the app and assured me the doors and windows had NOT budged in that tone of voice that intimated maybe I had had a parts-heimers attack… Well, I was sure of what I knew. So this week, it happened again. I came in from delivering my precious cargo and the water bowl was brim full. Someone had even cleaned the bowl. So, like an idiot, I called the hubbs again, and proceeded to hear the same rigmarole from him. I was pretty miffed when I hung up.

I have a salon in my down stairs. I do hair for people on the weekends – my clients who, when I quit the salon, refused to quit me… The door to the salon is ALWAYS kept closed because the cat seemed to think the drier chair was a good place to stretch his nails on and he was making a mess out of it. That day I walked into the salon to get something. We had taken the closet doors off and mounted a salon sink on the closet wall as it backs up to the powder room and it was the common water wall. I have storage up above in the closet. In between some boxes on the top shelf lying flat is tissue paper – or well it used to be there. I walked into the room and it was on the floor. Remember the door has been shut – is always shut unless I am in there. 10 minutes before that I had been told I had an airy-fairy head for thinking the water bowl was too full.

tissuepaper2So, I took a picture of all the tissue paper and texted it to my husband with the caption, “Further proof this room has been closed. That paper was UNDER boxes. It couldn’t have moved on its own!”

His smarty reply was one word: “earthquake”… To whit if that man had been anywhere near me, I would have made him suffer.

As it was when he got home, he looked right at me and said, “So, tell them to stop!”

I said, “Not on your life, anybody who has enough kindness to water my dogs is welcome!”

It’s been interesting. At least I can say that nobody has been bringing me ancient teeth….