I’m Over It! – reality check (yes, it’s a rant)

It’s all true.

All of it. They can take all their cover-up lies, bread and circus, artificial stimulation and stuff it! It’s time we all get over it too. Just go there. Everything we have ever been told in the last 100 years is a sham and a lie. Most science, most history and especially most technology. Who we are and who we think we are at totally different ends of the spectrum. There is ET life all over this planet – including us.


I don’t think there is one piece of information that could make me ‘reality check’ any more. I’m so over it that it has closed the circle for me and I’m back at; If this is true: then lets integrate it and get on with the next step. What would be the next step? IMO it would be trashing each bit of mind control programming, both emotional and intellectual and piece by piece regaining my truth. Why do I say my truth? Well, because your truth will be different from mine because you are different from me – we will have a basic direction that is the same – but the inner realizations, my truth and yours will be slightly different. That aside, what could my inner truth look like?

We live on a planet where many multiples of intelligent species live. Some are indigenous, some just want to explore this place, others want to take over and control this space, some want to farm this space (us included as a product), some want to engage with us, others want to investigate us and still others have been running experiments on us for quite some time in one way or another.

That aside, I maintain I am sovereign in as much as my understanding and level of learning can allow me to be. I intend to embody that principle as best I can as I go on. What does that mean in my actual living space? Well, Integrity, honesty, and gentleness of spirit. It means I will conduct myself and my energies as best I can to promote peace and love to those around me, those I interact with and those I have contact with. Whomever and whatever you are. Humans have a great capacity for turning emotion and experience into wisdom and artistic expression. We produce a ‘something’ from what we learn and integrate. We change quickly. So much so that we do the cargo cult thing quite easily. We have been adapted to look for leaders and gurus and gods and teachers and ‘fixers’.

This current rash of whistle blowers and truth tellers and revealers and most of our ilk’s investment in the story and speculation, shows that quite nicely. And to me it’s just another aspect of the gods coming to earth to once again modify our structures, both inner and outer, for their own reasons. So.

What about our daily quality of life? What about our deepening of our wisdom, what about being here now, instead of waiting for the next ‘shocking’ reveal??? Hmmmm? What about it?

What about us deciding what we need to enrich our lives and those around us so that we can reach some agreement on love and peace? What about deciding what we need to open our hearts and extend compassion and love to each other? What about learning to do that from a position of stable strength and deep understanding of your fellow next door – or a couple of communities away, or the world?

heaven2What are we doing or learning that could begin that process? Because I can just about bet that when that happens and it no longer matters who did what to whom, when, all that information that we think is so vital but can’t get to will become SELF APPARENT. And by that time, our particular flavor of bread and circus just won’t matter that much. I’m over the Saturday morning cartoons. I’m just done, over baked. I want to get out and stroll through a beautiful morning on a path to finding out what we need to do to create what Gaia keeps whispering in my ear is possible.


Mirror, mirror, on the wall, are we all bat-shit-crazy?

The Mandela Effect (ME)

Dr. Blair Reich has been studying this effect for a while now. He has had a survey up on his web site, actually several of them. With one of those surveys one he has collected over 25,000 responses to various survey questions. In this Groovy Bean Interview with Justin Dechamps, Yvonne Palermo, they speak with Dr. Reich and go through some popular ME’s (Mandela Effects) along with how they came out in the research. This is highly interesting because Dr. Reich has done it right and has been able to ear mark the difference between just bad memory and remembering differently. All of which made great sense to me because I am one of those people who remember Nelson Mandela dying in prison. I remember being very sad because of the effect I knew it would have on our forward history. Sort of what I illustrated in https://alsionsbells.wordpress.com/2016/09/14/let-me-help-an-idea-that-is-still-too-early/ .


This is an excerpt from an excellent article on the Stillness in the Storm Web site. I highly recommend you read it along with watching the above You Tube interview. As always Justin leaves no corner unexamined.

Dr. Reich is one amongst many investigators studying the Mandela Effect using methods that provides a robust set of data to analyze.

The survey (or quiz as he refers to it) is conducted in a way that produces a data set that can be compared to other survey takers. The results can be plotted and analyzed so as to determine to what degree these collective memory divergences are occurring. This survey allows investigators to pinpoint which events are remembered differently and how many people are collectively experiencing them. While 25,000 responses are only a small fraction of the population, it is enough to draw some initial suppositions.

Dr. Reich’s survey and paper are available below. Here is a comment he provided for this article:

The initial results suggest that while many people in the general population may suffer from a general failure of memory those who are extremely confident in their recollection are able to recall details of controlled experiments at an overwhelming 95-98.8%. This suggests that sub groups of people are very capable of highly accurate memories. What is interesting is that those same people who can get the controls correct with a high degree of accuracy suddenly disagree with recorded history with populations as high as 90% disagreeing with what’s recorded. Since the control suggests these people have no issues with memory it implies something else is likely the cause of the problem. From

Dr. Reich states in his paper that every day 100 to 300 people complete the survey. Also, the first 25,120 responses took over a year to collect but Dr. Reich on the 25th of September reported that in the past month alone an additional 6,620 responses have been received.

The number of cited Mandela Effects has increased over the past months, which some have suggested is evidence of timelines merging more rapidly or timeline jumping occurring more frequently. But confirmation bias cannot be ruled out either. As more people become aware of the Mandela Effect they search for examples that then confirm a presupposed belief in the phenomenon. From <https://sitsshow.blogspot.com/2016/09/Mandela-Effect-Surges-in-Popularity-A-Doctors-Survey-Results-Memory-Distortion-Timelines-Merging-Examples.html>

Intriguingly enough, in the Disney classic Snow White, one of the things they talk about is the intrinsic meaning change in some of these ME’s. Is it “Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?” Or, is it “Magic mirror on the wall who’s the fairest of them all? This movie came out a VERY long time ago, back before our first reported modern UFO crash. I remember ‘Mirror, Mirror’ – which is an actual spell being cast – a summoning of the spirit of the mirror, as they point out. Calling it Magic Mirror, is not. I think it is interesting in light of all of David Wilcock’s information on the-They’s being a satanistic cult and how it has permeated our culture. The modern movie version has the mirror as an object – ‘magic mirror’. The first version has it summoning an entity through the mirror. Now that either means a healing of the time line, or a concealment of how to spell cast… Interesting idea. One would be what IMO would be a natural event, and the other would have the whole ME question as a manipulation of the general populace.

I would also like to draw your attention to an episode of X-Files in season three called ‘Wet Wired” Number 23. The episode first aired in the United States on May 10, 1996 on Fox. From <https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wetwired> It’s about a device that emits a signal in between the series of pictures that constitute what we see on the TV, below our ability to consciously notice, that alter brain chemistry and behavior. Just a thought here…

So I will leave you with this mini survey and ask another question Do you think each time the Mandela effect is noticed, that it is different timelines merging with the one you are in, or is it the continued effects of only two timelines merging, the original organic time line and the deviated time line? Or do you think there is a deviation at all and it is just programming in between the lines in everything we see? Hmmmmm?


Jumping sideways in time

Last week the mothership crop circle had an internal line between the inside part and the outer ring of symbols. As of Monday when the pictures of the crop circle popped back up – that line is gone from the circle.

This is the first time that I have seen external evidence of a sideways jump. Usually the energy and emotional tenor of things feel different to me. This time I really didn’t notice that, But I saw the difference, in a picture.

Which brings up a number of questions for me because my personal Mandela effect has changed. What the Mandela effect has been for me was pretty intangible to others. I would just know that the fabric of the world I was in was different enough for my body to feel it and inform me of that fact. There was never anything different in the outer world that I could point out to anybody. Like everybody else, it was Berenstein Bears – not Barenstain, and Mandela did die in prison – I was devastated…so I remember that. But PERSONALLY in my personal life I’ve never had an effect so clearly happen in the now… all the other stuff was in the past when I discovered it – and usually since spelling and memory are NOT my strong suits, I chocked it all up to that. But this time I noticed!

So my questions are as follows:

  • Is it possible to loose anyone you know in the time flow?
  • Is it possible for the intrinsic emotional link to change or alter? Like they don’t remember you the same way so the way they act towards you is different?
  • Is it possible that your memory of them changes but you don’t remember??
  • Would then a marker of some kind at a juncture in spacetime be able to re-mind you?
  • In jumping sideways could you wind up in a universe where your deceased spouse still lives? (obviously you would not wind up in one where you were deceased…I don’t think…)

If time is an illusion and everything is in the now – then all choices and branching would be layered and side by side – what happens when we wake up in a different one and how did we get there?

Through choice?

Through resonance?

Through convergence?


Or is love the core frequency of the universe such that IT is the glue that keeps us together – calls us back to each other, keeps us tethered by feeling?


I’m open to suggestions here….