Resonance. Ok, I’m getting pretty tired of not being able to link all this together because nobody wants to cross boundaries into somebody else’s scientific territory, but I’m an idiot, so I can do it with impunity.


Mr. Schroeder says that gravity is created by exchange particle forces. In EU theory, they say about the same thing, but call it electromagnetic force: (Bob Schroeder Ep.33 Jimmy Church F2B

Exchange particle forces are electromagnetic sheaths with different charge. The particle movement in the Birkeland currents causes the particles to create their own magnetic field .birk Birkeland currents occur in pairs (Ampere’s force law.) They create long range attraction force from axial currents and short range repulsion from radial and spiral currents between filaments. This forms regional ‘cells’ of plasma out in space and areas where matter coalesces.

However I would be willing to bet that the spiral/radial currents are the particle accelerators that Bob is talking about that reduce the inertial mass of the craft to zero.tri


5D the BULK

Space time shrinks in strong gravity the BULK exists between two 3D brains. Shove off of the 3D sheet and into the 5D gravitic space the further in you go in, the more space you cover.5D

Vector in and vector out: 25 trillion mi. becomes 25 mi.




How do you vector? (Keith Hunter Harmonic Ratios in frequencies, distances, angular measurement define the way objects interrelateearthgeo to each other any measurement that can be divided by a whole number and get a whole number is extremely powerful due to harmonic resonance.

The bigger the arc, the more powerful the resonance. So the power needed to go in the bulk could be done with geometry between the earth and the sun.

The spinning ‘lights’ on UFO’s are these particle accelerators that create a negative field to the earths positive field making the craft weightless up close to the planet, they are also the drive used to go into the 5D BULK. toroidElectromagnetic force is weak locally and stronger with distance. Plasmoids are created from a z pinch compressing Birkeland currents into spherical or toroidal forms that drive rotation:

In EU theory the bulk would be plasma. Plasma is a highly electric conductive state of freely moving particles with electric charge. These particles self-organize into filamentary structures and cellular structures of varying The filaments braid into ropes of particles with opposite charge acting as power transmission lines. They create a signature network of magnetic fields


So basically, I’m beginning to think that the electro-gravitic theory and the Bulk are one and the same with Electric Universe theory and the underlying electric aether. As I was listening to Mr. Schroeder It struck me how similar it all sounded, and me not being a scientist of any kind, could make that leap….. I wonder if?


Memes: Cultural Software

It is important to note that part of the ‘Damned Quantum Box’ is our cultural environment. Within that environment Memes operate like viruses, spreading non local ideas in short visual or auditory bites. Jimmy Meme: this 2 seconds of sound will tell you everything we as faders need to know:

Just like this image imparts several types information also:georgio They are part of our cultural software, a term coined by Jack Balkin. They supply short bits of information to us about our environment and can transmit it to others just as fast. It is interesting that we are becoming a people of information bites. “Just give me enough information to get it, nothing in depth please…”   It’s also been called thought contagion, we all know what it’s like to get an ‘ear-worm’, or have an idea stuck in your head all day…. These are some of the very subtle ways that we are being culturally tuned without even noticing it, to each other and by each other. Information transmission isn’t a bad thing. In today’s world it is almost instantaneous, effortless, almost unnoticed….   It is also scary. It has become very easy for anybody/thing to feed us information, right wrong or indifferent that we ingest whole sale in small little unnoticeable bites until one day we look up and ask ourselves, how did I get here?   So while we are aware of the wholesale big lies and stupid media, we also need to watch for the small little viruses, and at least be able to see them for what they are, or one day we will be fully replete with nonsense…. Just a thought.>


portal Wake’in up Yes, it’s all connected. If you have had an experience of anything, in any way, out of the normal BOX that society likes to squish us all into, you are being invited to; wake up. We are quantum beings. We are born that way, with our skills and extended vision and feelings intact. In the struggle to decode the three dimensional world we stepped into at the moment of birth, to learn how to use this vehicle, the body we grew, we forget. Then, all of us being born into this increasingly concretized world we have, are TOLD straight out that our gifts are rubbish, to forget them, that daydreamers and imaginers go nowhere in this world. If, IF, we are lucky enough we have an experience that reminds us of who we really are and we wake up, we remember that we don’t stop at our skin.

Might I remind all of those who are my age and who grew up during the hippie era, that that idea set out to become the biggest cultural reminder of who we were and was intentionally destroyed by the ones who wanted us to keep our heads in a hole in the ground. nowar4And yet, for an idea whose time had come, it found other ways to leach into our culture, through things like the personal awareness movement of the 80’s, the popularization of eastern and oriental disciplines like Yoga and Martial Arts. Even the new age movement that was taken over and became just that much more busy mind stuff to keep us all distracted, at the core of it, had the message; “YOU ARE MORE THAN JUST YOUR BODY”

The message was about just playing with that idea, so we could arrive at today whenpersongate we need to say that it’s all about consciousness, and that not only were we all born awake, we have some pretty sophisticated biological machinery in us that still works and when used can take us to the stars and beyond should   we   choose   to learn   how   to   use   it.

Dr. Mack, Dr. Lyn, FREE, Dr. Greer are all the harbingers of what is to come. They are creating the road map we all need to pay attention to. WE need to listen and help and play with these ideas ourselves for as one does this, it makes it easier for the next through resonance. Carry ON Faders! I’ve said it before, I will say it a million more times:stand3


The Ring Makers of Saturn

ring1Just a short little ‘think’ about this. I was reading a pdf of Norm Bergrun’s “The Ring Makers of Saturn” when a though occurred to me. He talks about the ‘ships’ as being electromagnetic vehicles…. Well, so are we. And in his descriptions of these ships, plus his analysis of the Voyager 1 & 2 pictures, plus Cassini’s, what impressed me was their organic structure and nature. Although Norm goes into great detail with his measurements and diagrams, the idea that they are not ‘made’ by intelligence never occurs to him. He says from their planar shapes that these are created by intelligence. I propose that they ARE intelligence.

These are two of his reconstructions of what he thinks the ships forms are. It just struck me as very organic….ring4ring5

So I propose that they are not ships; they are life forms. Saturn is their nursery and they are so immense and different from what we consider life forms, that they are not even aware of us. They are enormous electromagnetic plasma life forms, going about their merry way out there being born, living, eating, procreating and dying out in the rings of Saturn. ring3If they were made of electromagnetic energy as he says they are, then Saturn has plenty of that. Who knows after they get big enough they might even leave Saturn and go elsewhere. My question is, why can’t they be life forms and not ships?

Close but no (maybe some) cigars?


The recent interview of Karmeran Fally by Kerry Cassidy has set me thinking . kameranThis man is a deep thinker and he is very intelligent, maybe bordering on genius. His ideas come so close to linking it all up that they have become suspect, just because it all fits too well, like he found the intersect, the z pinch, that connect all the rabbit holes I’ve been down. (And just last night I was screaming to myself that I wished I could get it all to fit together!)

He starts out by illustrating how middle eastern politics directly derive from the Anunnaki invasion and how it all has evolved into what is happening today. (Think Jason Martell, Wednesday night and the Atri Hasis Epic.)jason It is what he calls the Old ‘Elam’ religion. The divisions of the Sufi’s Kurds, Muslim’s can be traced to geographical regions that are not the way the land is divided up today. (Think Tuesday night and Peter Levenda) And these all have a religious significance that westerners fail to notice. Elam is the whole of southern Iraq. The Prophesy of Elam is the Zionist story.

Then in the middle of the explanation Kerry asked him who started it and he began to explain this: Current factions – masonry – Illuminati – satanists – 9 families – old ET’s – The Patel when you look it up is only defined as the governor of a specific area that produces crops ( Think Gobekli Tepe and the known beginning of agriculture). His definition of Patel works out to be progenitor, or / the Source: the Bet Allah. The whole of creation is an answer to the question “If this happens, then what would take place?” All possibilities are then acted out. Which makes the human race an answer…

Amazingly he then links this to banking by illustrating how certain middle east countries are kept back from moving forward by how the world bank is controlling their money through credit procedures, which makes sense.hudes (Think Karen Hudes) Which brings us to the two Time Lines and how time is created from the future backwards….

This is done by using language by speaking immutable words dragonfly(Think Caret tech) that set up blocks/anchor points through which time lines must flow, like the Bible and the Koran. By so directing time lines you can force them through funnels or gates where major events are created that bring similar timelines close together. We just passed through a gate: 2012. It supposedly is impossible to see what lies beyond a gate until you pass through it, because during a gate transit many things can be changed or rearranged in the time lines. So, if you want a certain outcome in the future, you must ask the gods/source/(your preferred name) what pre-events need to be set up as anchor points to direct the time line in the direction you wish it to go and then endeavor to create these events. For the last 10, 000 years or so, somebody(s) has done this and we have reached the gate and are in it now and we shall see how it all plays out. He says that this is how time line 2 with the greys gets created.

He goes on to illustrate how the aliens fit into this equation, how Planet X has been planned for and when it will appear, which he puts as sometime in August 2016 and then says when we come out the other end, our planet will have rings to deal with the excess iron oxides that Planet X will throw off because it’s actually a brown dwarf. thunderbolts(Think EU Theory) ….THEN he goes on to talk about how our galaxy is actually a corrugated ring. Links that to the magnetic pole reversal and the intelligence of the sun and planets and how all the planets of the solar system are much more active than earth, because they are waiting for planet x to come by and shield us because we are on earth and she considers us and the life here as precious.

My point? There was very little he forgot to hook up from all of the theories floating around out there in ‘fringe land’ which makes me very suspicious because it all fit tooooooooooo well. It was Terrifying in its possibilities as well as settling because he gave a time line. It’s almost too good to be true…. All this morass of information all cohesively fitting together.  So, he’s a genius for making it fit all together and a great lot of it may be true, but all of it? Who knows?And then it all settled in and I thought,

” Waitaminit!”

Guess we’ll find out in a little over a year.

Some links Dan Burisch 1 Dan Burisch 2 Dan Burisch3 pole reversal pole reversal pole reversal solar system planetary changes please be sure to look at the links below this video.

Harry Potter’s Magic Wand

Imagine if you will, a technology that uses the frequency of the person, plus the frequency of the object to create a certain quantum entanglement predisposed to the person through a device that could be held in the hand. The verbalization of said command emits the frequency that creates the desired behaviors in the entangled object.

What I have just described was what LMH said when she answered my question via Jimmy last night. potterwandIt is also a Harry Potter Magic Wand. After going down some tortuous rabbit holes this morning chasing this, it has occurred to me that what we all in the fantasy world would term ‘Arcane”, ‘Hermetic’ information, i.e.: magic, would also be advanced tech…(d’oh!)

The name Caret was chosen carefully, I think. In language, there are no errors and when studying word etymologies, (the origins) you begin to find an eerie pattern in all of your thoughts and dealings. (I did this for a while back in my thirties and really freaked myself out. And any time I still need a freak out I can pick up where I left off. ) Language is a frequency – a sound, an idea in your head and “Energy Follows Thought”.


The caret /ˈkærət/ is an inverted V-shaped grapheme. It is the spacing character ^ in ASCII (at code point 5Ehex) and other character sets that may also be called a hat, control, uparrow, or less frequently chevron, xor sign, to the [power of], pointer (in Pascal), or wedge.caret

Caret – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Wikipedia Loading…

From <>

 However, it can also be said to mean: Civilians Are Rarely Ever Trusted.


The above address has his full story and all his writings and his graphics.

 One of those rabbit holes led to ‘Atto” technology:

ATTO Technology Manufacturing company

ATTO Technology is a manufacturer of storage connectivity products for data-intensive computing. ATTO manufactures host bus adapters, RAID adapters, Fibre Channel switches, Desklink devices, protocol … Wikipedia

Headquarters: Amherst, NY

Founded: 1988

 From <>

LMH: Atto for Directed energy Weapons

Another led directly into an even deeper rabbit hole that is connected to a download of information about the drones and the ‘Oltissis entities ( more here – caution this is the deepest rabbit hole: ) who use quantum entanglement to relate to a place in/on our three dimensional world (because they are beyond 3D).

Paragraph 4.2.3 talks directly about it. The Caret documents and some of the pages leaked by ‘Isaac’ which directly talk about RSR or Ridged Spatial Relationships, sound a lot like quantum entanglement, or ‘spooky action at a distance’ especially when you take into account that the intelligence controlling the item can be somewhere else, with no obvious connection to the item. ( found at 4.2.3 RSR)

The ability of Caret technology to create imageshologramtech along with everything else would have immense stealth applications, but could also be used as a very efficient means to dupe all of us so eager for communication that one must wonder if this hasn’t been the case since the beginning.

I wish it didn’t have to make sense in this way, but it does. I’m am still hoping for the Glitter, poofed just like our friend Chase, however it’s looking more and more like a glamour (spell) to me.

The Sovereign Box…Maybe

sov·er·eign·ty ˈsäv(ə)rən(t)ē/ noun noun: sovereignty

  1. supreme power or authority. “how can we hope to wrest sovereignty away from the oligarchy and back to the people?”
    1. synonyms:
  • the authority of a state to govern itself or another state. “national sovereignty”
    • synonyms:
  • a self-governing state.

  • plural noun: sovereignties Origin

late Middle English: from Old French sovereinete, from soverain (see sovereign). Translate sovereignty to Use over time for: sovereignty

Translations, word origin, and more definitions

From <>

I’ll tell you what my thinking of late has begun to look like. WHAT IF: the Illuminati, or whoever they are (if there is a they) has set up the bible as a script that we have been following, unthinkingly for 2000 years and all of this (mis?) information is also just a part of the script? What if we are STILL playing right into the hands of whatever, and the scope and breadth of the lie is far more sinister and far more entrenched and down the rabbit hole than we can possibly imagine? WHAT IF: we are ALL wrong, everybody? and this has been an attempt to get us to ignore “the man behind the curtain’? (whatever the F *** that is)


I make it a point to NEVER EVER just believe anybody for any reason EV-AR. I take it in, hold it for correlation… belief is giving up your sovereignty.  I’m trying really hard to be sovereign in my heart and mind. Probably because I am feeling something’s off and smelling a rat. CATBOXEverybody’s galactic this and federation that and ascension this and archons that and conspiracies abound, and and and…. So I am searching for a pattern outside of the freaking ‘ideologies’ of everything. I may be nuts, but as Rita says, “Bella, you don’t have a box.” ( I love that) and I’m just beginning to guess that I’m knocking around in a box big enough that I haven’t found the sides yet, but I’m starting to feel them.

This or that, yes or no = confusion that reigns in our hearts and minds. ON PURPOSE!!! Most times I just hang out in the aether and listen. Last night was interesting. I collect stories and data and make no judgments, waiting for as Kerry calls it, a triangulation. When three or more disparate sources say the same thing, then I will pursue it. I don’t know what to say about the colorations on the moon, except that I have heard several stories about the colors on mars being hidden and changed, if you believe that we have been, can get to mars through a gate, or an elevator, all compliments of the Montauk boys. How nice that those pieces all fit? So why would it be any different on the moon… Ahem

So why? Must we be confused so that we do not feel the resonances in our lives, so that we don’t feel? So we’d never notice and start asking questions? If that really is what’s up then what do we need to do?

Why not step waaaay out of the box and ask if we are actually seeing the right box? Might there not be an even bigger box that we can’t see and haven’t defined yet, but are just beginning to bang up against its sides??? I’m trying to get WAY outside the box at the moment… It’s baffling and hard. But something is not right, something stinks and I’m just starting to get a whiff of it.

Why do we even want a box? Plato, Soren, all of the early academic thinkers were trying to define how the universe works and why, because the universe was a surprising and dangerous place and if you knew more about it then you could be safer. So is fear a motivation for wanting a box or a system or a set of principles? So when did they get stuck and turn into be a cage? And there’s nothing wrong with a set of principles or systems or things that you can prove to yourself that becomes self-evident but what is wrong is when you blindly follow anything without understanding it and hand your sovereignty over to somebody or something else for a promise of safety or assurance. Maybe we are still suffering as a world from an unremembered traumatic memory of being wiped out in the last deluge and we are still looking for saviors to come and Save The World? Handing who or what you are away to anything or anyone for any reason is a form of slavery.

Then there is the ancient aliens theory – we were bred to obey, and worship and once again hand over our sovereignty to the gods (little g). One of my favorite sayings is:

If you meet Buddha on the road, kill him.

Belief of any kind is a trap. The real question is, What do you know in your heart and soul, in the strong quiet recesses of your heart? I’m always on about resonance and all my woo woo stuff, but resonance I can talk about. I’ve pursued it because I’ve felt it. It’s why I wanted to know about it in the first place. All my life things have happened like my Mom and my phone today. braintobrain  I left my phone at moms. Half way home for no reason I was curious about where my phone was. Why? Because she was attempting to call me and that action, or intent was enough for me to feel it. Via resonance. That and she was laughing like a loon when my phone started to ring in her hand when she called it from her phone….

What if reality is sooooo malleable, that if you knew just how malleable it was, it would scare the bejesus out of you? What if, if we knew , it would immediately crash those who have convinced us they have ALL the power? Its right there, it’s on the tips of our tongues, its hiding in 6 % of rotation…. If it had been a snake, it would have bit us already…. But that’s a slippery idea, one that we haven’t seen well enough yet to use it as a basis for transformation…yet!

By the way, I’m not saying they or it or any of this is not real, I’ve had contact. I’m just thinking we’ve been tricked into perceiving it in a very skewed manner. Now, for what reason or why or by who, I haven’t a clue. But I think I’m going to find out.