Stealth-Ninja Re-publish from 2015, or Car Karma

energy follows zukovIt just seemed applicable for now and it came up so I am re-publishing…

p.s. the subconscious mind loves to play.

So, from most of the reading I have been doing while recovering from a pretty savage flu, it seems that one of the very most important things that we need to do or learn is to improve our emotional tone and flow. It sounds like it is going to be pretty important to us in the future at the big wake-up. (4 years later, I’m pretty sure it’s gonna create the big wake up)

Energy Follows Thought:   Emotionally empowered thought creates absolutely and almost immediately in your environment.

I wanted to write about some emotional Ninja skills I’ve picked up just from playing around with a few ideas in my life over the years. Realize that every emotionally toned thought you send out comes back to you, magnified for your learning purposes. That means aggravation begets aggravation, snipes beget snipes. Did you wake up on the wrong side of the bed? Are you putting out those feelings to any and all who get within ten feet of you? Was your day one of those that went from bad to worse? Feelings are fine,  what you do with them is more important. The first step to de-constructing what looks like a bad day ahead, is to get in touch with your feelings and say, “Ok, I feel (insert emotion) but I refuse to visit it on everybody else, so I will choose to work this out later when I can, and temper all my reactions and responses today, knowing I want to wring anybody’s neck I can get a hold of.” In the same manner, understanding begets understanding, and empathy begets empathy and so on for love, joy, happiness….

A good way to practice this principle and have some fun doing it is observing your Car Karma….

A common place that we all feel frustration and sometimes rage is in the car. Once again, feelings are inevitable, it’s what you do with them that counts. So the game goes like this: Turn on an energy ball of peace around your car, one that extends out about 4 feet in every direction to the exterior of the car. Then, monitor your thoughts about the drivers around you. Instead of driving down the road as a blistering ball of fury, can you create a ball of energetic flow (peace) around your car while observing the efficiency of this effect by getting to your destination earlier? Trust me this works. It also helps prevent accidents. The energetic ball of flow tends to wake you up, and you avoid a lot of minor irritants that way. I got this idea one day while driving down the street and getting blasted by a nasty wave of rage from a driver going the opposite way. My kids were young and I was being safe and I put white light around the car often. Then it occurred to me that I could protect myself from unwanted incursions of others messy emotions AND slip through the traffic flow easier, if I just put that thought around my car. WOOT! It worked wonders.

Manifesting as proof that your thoughts can and do have an effect on your immediate life.

Another fun way to play with this concept is to image in your head the parking spot you want at your destination and getting it. This is simple proof that your thoughts are things that effect your life instantaneously. It works scary good and it only involves yourself and your thought and the desire (emotion) for a good parking spot. (I know that this is an old game, but practicing it actually creates a skill level…)

Create your own games.

Treat energy as a concrete thing, power your thought with emotion and watch what happens. When I first discovered this game I used to lob white light at everybody and every thing just to watch the results. Then I began the deeper game of adding and modifying my emotions in the mix. I learned quite a lot at that point.

Platitudes and memes.

buddhaThese are all thought bites, Zen smacks. They might work for thirty seconds or so… What will really teach the HOW and WHY this works is by actively playing with it and watching the results. Play is fun and it is the easiest way to learn. It makes you a stealth-ninja-energy-follows-thought-impelled-by-emotion expert. 🙂 so go PLAY!


Billy Carson just fires my brain!!


Ep. 1023 FADE to BLACK w/ Billy Carson P3 : Time is an Illusion : LIV

The Emerald tablets were Left Behind as a guideline for the teachers of the world to teach the people – they were never meant to be hidden or secret.



(Billy Carson just fires my brain!!)

We are allowed to know. In fact, we are encouraged, nay required to know what is our birthright. Those tablets were meant to teach us and help us progress. As it is right now, we are like Romulus and Remus – children set at cast into the forest, wild wolves, with no real history and no real basis for the truth.


Time and Timelines: like Birkland Currents in the universe and in our brains


Could it be that time lines interweave with each other braid and come apart and braid with other timelines and come apart and each time that happens people of a certain frequency who have changed their frequency and learned jump over to time lines that are touching that are more similar to their own frequency?


Can this mean that we are constantly jumping timelines as our own frequency changes?


Could it be that it takes a certain number of souls all on the same frequency to actualize a time line for all of humanity, like a quorum?  And by jumping to those timelines where like frequencies exist together, the more people you have on a certain time line the more actualized it becomes ?  The more real?  ( like the hundredth monkey effect – morphic resonance, the tipping point ). Maybe because the more people that join the time line the more real it will become for humanity and what we are seeing are decision points that build enough resonance to actually change the outcome of humanity?  That when enough of these come together the overall direction of humanity can then change? And the rest of humanity is simply dragged along?   Which leads to the next idea that the Mandela  effect may be what we have Left Behind to become who we are today?

This looks very much like Birkland currents in electric universe theory. And very like Bohm’s resonance theory.


As above: So below









Alchemy is the bench engineering of the soul

I got a tickle out of Mr. Weidner last night on Fade to Black. (around the 2:12:02 mark) He practically said that when he was talking about the practice of alchemy. Bench engineering: it’s kinda like the tinkerer in his garage playing with magnets and electricity that happens on something that works. Then he sees if he can do it again, and then he refines it to get it to do precisely what he wants. Lols, it’s called MacGyvering it! And in a great sense it’s about playing, tinkering, having fun, letting the world show you how it works.

There are those of us out there who have ‘tinkered’ with our selves this way too – through thought, yoga, meditation, art, music, drugs – we are constantly ‘playing’ with life, energy and our capabilities. We are quite literally ‘bench-engineering’ ourselves. Without any and I mean any basic knowledge of how we really work, or how we really function. But we are paying attention to what happens and we are using intent to want to know how we work beyond the physical to focus our awareness such that the information is then delivered, or made obvious to us. There is never a time that a mental plea for information is not answered. “Ask, and ye shall receive.” is a true-ism.

Yes, when your focus in life is to learn this stuff, and you go to religious, spiritual, academic sources, to schools and repositories of information, to groups and to gurus, asking to be taught, asking to be given what you think will lead you to the answer, there is a price. When the irony of it is, this information is all there for the asking from the inside out. In other words, no one can tell you and 90% of them out there will not tell you, and the other 10% will lead you to the inner path. The books, the schools are really an impediment to the real ‘A-ha’ moment which can only come when you turn on the inner light and see. They can support and direct but they cannot not give you the gem you are looking for – you must do that. And you realize that it is only the first step – that the information nexus that turned on at that first light is only the first step in a vast array of truths to be seen. There is no graduation there is only the next step, the next level. It’s the real NeverEnding Story.


Life is alchemy.

Alchemy is information.

Information is consciousness   and,

Consciousness is the unified field.

ps. the books are inside you

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