Inculcation by Toilet Paper



Verb: instill (an attitude, idea, or habit) by persistent instruction.

Everyday I awaken knowing that the world is right and everything is OK. Then I sit and read or listen to the news with my coffee and inculcate myself with the COVID 19 story. You can’t escape it – its everywhere 24/7.

Today I refused. It’s 65 degrees outside at 5:30 am and it smells like spring. I refused, consciously, to hook myself up to the COVID pipeline.

There are two main camps out there telling us two different stories. On the one hand we have lawyers, scientists and statisticians who have taken a good look at the touted story who are pointing out huge flaws in what is being reported and we have incredible journalists like John Rappoport. His blog post for today says exactly what I am going to try to say, only better! His blog from yesterday has facts, figures, interviews and actual proof of TPB’s past lies and the numbers game the CDC uses to play with us.

Then there are those who are fear-mongering the whole shebang, because money. The fringers get fringier: we have 5G instigation of an already implanted virus from vaccines and chemtrails that might even be an AI hive-mind implant and only those who can’t accept it (old ppl) will die from, Qannon and the federal reserve, martial law to avoid elections, you name it, they’re using it. These people are deadly serious and all over the internet using COVID to prove their own particular bias.

I know it is very hard to hold back from wanting this settled in your own mind and simply look at all the information out there and even harder still to assess the validity and science behind it all. HOWEVER: what we have here is a big, huge case of cosmic dissonance, so you must try because on a daily basis the PTB inculcate you all – minute to minute – to convince you their story is the story.

But I’m noticing its not.

However, when you live in a gigantic planetary lie its really hard to see what is in front of your nose Vs. what you are being fed – inculcated to.

The last three months we have been fed a steady diet of COVID. Whether you believe it or not – whether the evidence scientific and otherwise says it’s sorta ‘hinky’ the ‘COVID 19 Experience’ has crept into the human subconscious and now lives there. Just like Slender Man:

The Slender Man (also spelled Slenderman) is a fictional supernatural character that originated as a creepypasta Internet memecreated by Something Awful forums user Eric Knudsen (also known as “Victor Surge”) in 2009.[1] He is depicted as a thin, unnaturally tall humanoid with a featureless head and face and wearing a black suit.

COVID has become a living breathing Tulpa – Egregore (egregore (also egregor) is an occult concept representing a “thoughtform” or “collective group mind”, an autonomous psychic entity made up of, and influencing, the thoughts of a group of people.) and it is fed everyday by all of us through the continued pounding media hype/fear porn vomit.


We are creators – and this is the proof. Now, when we go out into society we must conform to the new egregore, to what the sleeping masses have unwittingly created and made real. We must have face masks, hand sanitizer, gloves and who would have ever thought that boomer death would be presaged by lack of toilet paper… When I go out I must ‘pretend’ to hold the story or, because this has become so real, endure real consequences.

So we are creators – we just don’t know it – and we are being led around by our noses to create ugliness this time, death even, we have created so well that a lot of us are dying for this story, it has become that real for some. (a virus is not alive, it is a floating inert piece of coding instruction that replicates in the right environment)

I came back from sleep this morning with an incredible clarity of soul and mind. Each day this week I have questioned whether to listen to the broadcast world because I awaken knowing that everything is ok, then two hours later by 7am the world is a shambles.

If anything, we can use this QT, this ‘Quarantine Time’ to pause and reflect. Try to disconnect from the steady minute to minute diet of fear porn and find our center. Get into our guts, our own true self without anything distracting us and FEEL. The truth we find there, divorced from the constant media vomit, is trying to tell us something very important.

I’ve been watching this all play out, I’ve been watching myself react, feeling others fear when I go to the grocery, just noticing – observing. I have resisted the fear, insisted I actually see what the facts are. I see the whole world traumatized on a very personal level – like wars used to traumatize people before they became computerized, and before they became computer games.

So, if you have to believe one impossible thing before breakfast, make it a good one.

Believe the beauty of this earth before your eyes in the morning, believe the impossible idea that we ARE creators, take your creative powers back from the collective construct of COVID.

We have been caught in nonreflective doingness that has come to a full stop. We are now remembering ‘beingness’. Take a look around, take a deep breath and let it out in a sigh of relief when you see the world is still here. Create a better vision. Stop the chaos long enough to feel the real.

Start there.

Dog Germs

I’ve wanted to write about ‘the virus’ for some time now. But what to say? I don’t know enough science to give you any information that can’t be found on line, and I’m so bad at math that the stats go over my head unless someone explains them to me. Since my husband’s liver transplant and his arrival Dec.26th at home we have had to use tight sanitary protocols, not sterile, but close. I’m already stocked up on hand sanitizer, TP, PTs, Clorox wipes, gloves, masks, you name it, we have it. We have had to avoid crowds, restaurants, movies and the like anyway. And just as our restrictions were opening up, BOOM! We are back to what for us has been the last three months.

Any woman will tell you she loves her husband, but being sequestered with an ornery man for that long will test the limits of anyone’s marriage and patience. I always heard the jokes about retirement and never really thought too much about them until now. Well, he retired and got sequestered all in one day… He took over the entire household. The TV in the family room connects to our kitchen in kind of a great room. I’m trying to cook and do nourishing energetically healthy things for him while the annoying sound track of TV programs like “Shameless” and live action cops of Alaska play loudly in the background of my daily life… When I had finally had enough, I bought JV ear buds. Those things saved his life. Really.  Gotta love amazon.

Anyway, the house used to run on such a glorious schedule, everything being done before he walked in from work, house cleaning and the like, grocery shopping, meal prepping, me writing my occasional article, listening to pod casts while I vacuumed and did laundry… it was calm, ordered and chugging right along.

Yeah, three months ago that all exploded. However we have learned to deal with each other, how to stay out of each other’s back pocket, how to be more than bickering children to each other when we were upset by giving the other some breathing space, you know, normal stuff that nobody practices in the world anymore because the world doesn’t give us any time to really be with each other. We are already in the groove. It took some work, but now it is worth it. I remember back in 70’s on weekends when it used to be this way at home with my parents, before cell phones and before computers. How quickly we have forgotten how to be with other people, even those we love. With things the way they currently are, we are getting a chance to remember how to do this again.

Including our dogs. Like taking a walk with your dog while not looking at your cell phone, paying attention to the world around you and experiencing it with your dog as you walk, having a quiet conversation with your dog… they do listen. They love mental pictures by the way, if you don’t believe me send a picture of a dog treat to your dog and be ready to give him that treat, just saying. And if you’re not too full of media, they will send you images with impulses to do stuff too…like feed them dinner.

And oh yeah, the only type of germ I couldn’t protect against when my husband came home were Dog Germs. He was immediately slobbered to death, 5 days after a liver transplant. They never left his side until he was out of his worst pain. They did as much towards healing him and making him feel better as I did, maybe even more because, Dog Love, Dog Germs and all.

Indeterminate Camps of Surety

What I have seen, read and watched lately makes me want to yell “Play Nice!” Everybody has their own take, story, perspective, what ever you want to call it – and NONE OF US knows for sure, exactly what is going on. It seems this is the way certain people want it and we have jumped on that bandwagon.

You know, if you don’t like it, don’t pay attention to it. Personally I have found common threads running through every last piece of information and testimony out there. Has everyone forgotten about the ‘Bigger’ picture? Instead of concentrating on grains of sand, it would behoove us to look at the beach instead, don’t you think?

There is a bit of truth in every story, every legend, every testimony and every psy-ops out there… jus say’in and convoluted can’t even begin to describe the width, depth and breadth of it all. Even the history we think is true is suspect.

Those of you that are wasting your time poking at whatever you don’t like are simply wasting time. Period. We need all brains on deck(!), not out there meandering around the various garbage looking for rotten tomatoes to throw. I used to like twitter for the weird bit of info thrown our way and snatches of conversation going on, but every other tweet is now an advertisement and its gotten as annoying as face book. Then to have to slug through the mud of all the slingers just to find an even half rational tweet that isn’t some kind of ad or stupidity is disheartening.

So, those of you who are actually trying to put the puzzle together have a huge job ahead of you, and part of that job is to keep your head out of everybody else’s you know what. Besides, it’s dark up there and impossible to see anything relevant.

And another thing, this cycle of almost getting there only to have the football pulled at the last moment: I’ve watched this happen year after year at the end of every year – it’s the little brother of the 20 year cycle where things come to a head and the ‘chosen’ useful idiot of the twenty year cycle of dis-info gets his chops busted and we all go back to square one. Aaaand, I’m watching us walk straight into another, yet again…. You know the old saying about the definition of insanity: doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result?

Has anybody considered that we might want to try a different strategy one of these days? (god knows what….?) But hey, what we have been doing for the last 80 years has worked so well. (NOT) I’m not really a researcher, I’m just an opinionated old bat with a platform (WordPress) and some time on my hands who’s been watching this go on since, oh, I dunno, maybe the sixties?

IMO, we are going to have to get very creative – tricky even, to figure this out because psychopaths will do anything, say anything to get what they want the way they want it. And I have this sneaking suspicion that if we’d just quit squabbling amongst ourselves the beach would come into focus. Because, for absolute surety, there IS something going on and they want us all snugly, smugly locked into our own camps when it goes down.

More than Human

Awakening from a dream I realize I was observing myself, my energy and learning.

This graphic was present as a symbol of where I was – always in a dusky but not black environment – meaning it was subconscious. I kept trying to dream it different, but I couldn’t change it in the dream. Each dream had this mark – no, I don’t remember the dreams themselves just the energy rating of them. The mark looked like a graphic used the scan groceries – sort of. I kept going back into the dream to try again. I have not been lucid in a dream all week, stuck.

So by 5am I decided to get up and write the dawn into morning. Lately I have been half opinionist and half shaman. An inner and out observer. Thinking about it, though, it’s all I have ever been. There is this ‘inside-me’ that was born knowing, with the outside me struggling to live it.

The inside me knows about energy and the esoteric (inside) and all that entails; other worlds and peoples and conditions and realms, it is not foreign, if I pause to ask myself, the answer is always brilliantly there. When I read, or saw or heard something that matched this knowing I used to get a wave of recognition across the skin like an electrical current that would make all the hairs on my person stand up in goose flesh… How does a small child know these things? I have no idea, except that it did and does happen frequently for me.

On the other hand, I have spent countless times when I have tried so hard to be a good little earthling. Each time I have done that, gone under in an attempt to be real in this place, I have lost a bit of the real ‘real’. (which by the way I have been told all my life isn’t real – but I know better now) it’s taken me a literal life time to see it as a continuum.

In Jeffery Mishlove’s second commentary he talks about the awakening to the larger understanding of life – the larger understanding that it is corporeal and noncorporeal, and that to many this knowing can be not only mind expanding, but dangerous. This is all in response to Peter Kingsley’s book written in response to Jung’s ‘Red’ book – a book written about Jung’s journey into the realm of the unseen, a brave journey at the time it was taken. We call them Angels, Divas, Elementals, Demons Daemons, Et’s, Extradimensionals – we want them to all behave either all good, or all bad. We want to lump them into something we can contain and control, we certainly don’t want to recognize they are real, or could possibly have the same relevance that we do! We definitely do NOT want to consider some them part of the indigenous life on this planet – being outside our extremely self-centered purview. And, could you blame those who we cannot see for being wary of us idiots – not wanting to be known or seen, because we can’t live in peace and equanimity with anything!! We have enough trouble with what we can see, let alone what we can’t! AND! We choose to treat what we can see as things, instead of intelligently aware entities, so that what we do see can be managed and used – God forbid there is an entire existence wrapped around us that is intelligently aware and… must – should be treated as such! Most of us don’t even treat ourselves as intelligent much less anything or anybody around us!

Right now, most of us only have contact with that realm in dreams. We are never fully awake in either state, waking or sleep. We consider anything not in a body or our limited physical realm as not real, and all that is in physical frequency for us are merely things to be used. Including people. We walk blind in a universe full of life – jam-packed with life and never notice. (religion is responsible for this, IMO) It has taken me a life time to get over what religion says about other life – the fear of it. I had a few very bad experiences very young that frightened me to my core and spent a good many years trying to convince my parents that there was ‘something there’ ( that scared me) and being told what an imagination I had, which in their opinion just showed disobedience and getting punished for it. It took me a very long time to work through it and I’m still working on it. However, I must admit, some of my best friends are noncorporeal. Really. I no longer feel that horrible chill in my spine and want to run. The presence has softened into a mental-emotional gentle communication of sorts. Now when I meet these personages in the dreamtime I am joyful and happy to say hi.

Call me demented, skitzo – I don’t give a flying you know what anymore what anybody thinks of me. But this needs to be said, and it needs to be looked at. The world as a whole can’t have its entire proverbial head up its ass anymore. Before we get out into space, we have an entire interpenetrating, entangled other world right here to become aware of and make peace with. But that would mean we would have to learn to be kind; above all – give up war, give up killing, give up using everything. It would mean becoming really whole.

But just like the rest of creation, we have a continuum here, it’s just that most of it is still very asleep and into themselves and enjoying that. And it may be a while before being human means more than being mean, surly and hungry.

The Truth is Illegal: Hush little baby…

This bombshell article plus the documents themselves are analyzed by Richard Dolan.

Exclusive: FBI document warns conspiracy theories are a new domestic terrorism threat

Jana Winter


Yahoo News

IMO: Basically this is an indication that the truth will become illegal to talk about, think about and broadcast – written or video (or in any other manner – be creative here). The implication is that research and independent thought can be construed as illegal because of its potential to create violence.

Aaaaaand once again, we have a false flag set up even here in these new FBI guidelines because they are using information as the cause of the creation of violence which will set this whole thing up to be used as a valid (?) reason for limiting research and the critical thought process of analysis being shared, through the Hegelian dialectic (problem-reaction-solution).

Not to mention that they are also employing the Overton Window.

The Overton window is an approach to identifying which ideas define the domain of acceptability within a democracy’s possible governmental policies. Proponents of policies outside the window seek to convince or persuade the public in order to move and/or expand the window. Proponents of current policies, or similar ones, within the window seek to convince people that policies outside it should be deemed unacceptable.  From <>

From <>


This making ideas themselves illegal, IE: The Thought Police have arrived just like George Orwell’s classic “1984”, published in 1949. During the 60’s when I was in high school, in our social studies classes instead of teaching history – they taught about thinkers. This was one of the books that was read and discussed. In English class we had to read “Lord of the Flies”, another Orwell book. We had teachers fresh out of university on fire with ideas and they taught us. Now these books don’t even exist on university level courses because they are too dangerous. Do not think. Go to sleep. Consume only state approved ideas. Don’t worry, we will regulate everything and keep you safe. Hush little baby….

I highly recommend watching this one hour video – lol – because, who knows when they will take it down. I’m already getting sleepy and yawning… maybe I’ll just go take a nap… just a few minutes will not hurt, right?

The Sleeper


It’s not so much that that we have to wake up, as to just pull our heads out of our asses.

There should be a light on behind those eyes. You don’t actually have leave the planet to break-away, once you see the spell you are under and shake yourself free of it so that you could be walking around lit up all by yourself but not a part of the hypnosis – the dream – not asleep.

I spent some time in the dream last night with people who were like me, somewhat, talking about this. I was so fired up when I woke up! It requires no one else to waken – no school of thought, mystery school, special teaching, system, dogma or anything else. It just requires that you know there is a dream – you perceive (and I hate to use this word) the difference between sleeping and awake and at the same time be able to identify it in others out in the world.

You don’t have to be special or smart or ‘enlightened’ – nothing weird, you just need to ‘see’ it. That is what I learned last night in the dream of the dreamer. It used to be that the ones awakened in the dream were separate, they walked with a better understanding through life and didn’t expect that there were others or that they were different – until the internet where diverse people could finally communicate. As of late I have been trying to delineate this odd differentness I’ve noticed. This was going to be called ‘Seclusion’, instead, I’m putting it here.

I have been in a sort of homespun seclusion for the last two years for a number of reasons and I have spent a lot of time in my home in my back yard, surrounded by huge loving trees and flowers – within their protective cocoon. I do errands and such, but not much where it will bring me into direct contact with, well, people. Regular people. I am friendly with most of the people who work in the places I do my errands and they are friendly with me. These are mostly older adults my age over 60… these people have a different ‘feel’ to them than the younger people out there.

These people didn’t get a million vaccinations when they were young. They grew up with a different ethic towards how you treat people. They ate mostly wholesome home grown or ethically grown foods and they weren’t chemtrailed on until the 80’s – well after their brains were developed. They knew about the consequences of their actions and they didn’t expect a free ride or instant fizzy fame. There was no internet, much less an internet of things and they weren’t literally swimming in an artificial soup of created man made frequencies. They didn’t have their noses stuck in any kind of device all day and they actually went out to play …barefoot! They earthed without knowing how special it was, because everybody did. They were part of the ‘Out the door at dawn, and back at dusk, bike riding, swimming, sprinklering run the neighborhood gang’ that were fortunate if they owned an AM battery operated transistor radio. I’m part of that gang.

When effects creep up on you so slowly that you don’t notice you become inured – accustomed, programed to them. You never notice how big the change is until you get to stop – or hide, the equivalent of going into the cave on the mountain top like a sage, where it all stops and you have a chance to get reacquainted with yourself and how you feel. Occasionally you wind up off the mountain for supplies and it is then you get to see what is really going on with people. What I have noticed is stunning. (to me) It’s been in my face – like a slap. That means I’d better take notice.

The young work force in the 18-28-ish age range have no respect for anything they do. They put no personal effort into the world. (most of them) They are self-righteous and if they look at you and assess you have no meaning to them, as in there is nothing you can give them – or they’d want from you, they are downright obnoxious in their behaviour to you. It’s almost as if they are addressing you with the same uncouth attitude they use on social media. It’s like that type of thinking and behaviour is now the norm in the ‘real’ world. And if you have grey hair, you are a non-person, you don’t count and they are extra obnoxious to you.

I don’t like that I am seeing the social media behaviour of ‘I can say anything to you because you can’t come through the phone and smack me for it’ out in the world. It means that that behaviour is being normalized in the culture. (damn me for not seeing that it was a possibility!!) Maybe it’s because people spend so much time on social media that that type of thinking is now dominant in their minds? They are trained, programmed, accustomed to it such that it is now indistinguishable from polite society?

The other thing I am seeing out in the world is this emptiness in people’s eyes – like they are not even there – like nothing is in there. That is scary. Very. Scary. It’s like they are dead inside. Hollow, even. There is no light, no perception, no connection – nobody home.

Two years ago, I was too busy and immersed in the out there world to know or notice this. I didn’t see it. There is the possibility that it could have gotten this bad in two years – about the time 5G was trialed here in Indy, maybe it’s the combination of both? Either way, half the people are entitled little children and the other half are not home.

(Wild speculation – the sci-fi writer in me thinks maybe we have been slowly peopled by automatons switched out in the night by aliens. The young entitled ones know it’s a waiting game before they have the planet all to themselves – except for diverse pockets of real people they can’t get to, like us old people who are still real people. Lol)

I do, however think there is a very insidious mind control program going on. Program, the main word here, through the use of 5G and everything else that is out there detailed in the notes I just published from 5 years ago, that was already old before the internet. That is why I am concerned enough to write this because if the patents and the research was old in the eighties imagine what it has morphed into now.

This is why I expect to see things like the last two shootings happen. Why I expect more weird things will be happening.

With that in mind, I think there are break away societies that are not only technically advanced, I think there are break away people, groups, societies and civilizations, (those words only delineate how many people in a given group) that are more along the lines of soul advanced. There are quite a diverse number of groups out there to whom the technology revolution is meaningless. They have understood that the societal structure is bogus, meaningless and an opium, a deterrent to waking up.

Sadly, there are people who walk through life with ‘eyes wide open’ who never think to meet others like them, or who have troubles with the sleeping masses and never think to see the difference in themselves or know they have awakened. They come up out of the dream, change their focus and think it will solve for X and willingly go back under. Others write, create music or art to handle the pain this causes, or they use. (alcohol drugs addiction) It is Occam’s razor every day to them. There are the artists and the poets the dreamers who are more than likely to be singular break always (single walkers). There are people who are already awake and take it upon themselves to help some of the most vulnerable, creatively great single walkers and they are the great muses.

Once you awaken, IMO, part of graduation is to understand what being awake is, not get caught in just another part of the dream, your new design for the perfect life. When you separate yourself from the rest of the people, sometimes we call Ego in to take over, and ego loves the dream. Ego reigns forever in the dream. This can set you up for the greatest illness of all, that of discounting those asleep to the point that they become ‘things’ instead of people who sleep. There is a fine line between waking and hubris, which is a dream of its own – a trick to send the awakening back to sleep into yet another dream…one yet harder to awaken from.

We, on this planet are allowed to have as many dreams as we want – being that this a free will planet – sort of. To slide back into the game in different positions, to ‘be’ anything we want and each time we slide back into oblivion – unawareness – we become the dreamer with in the dream that is dreaming the dream….

How many layers of sleep-dream are there? Maybe it depends on which symbolic structure you place yourself within, identify with? Or, what you ‘think’ you are /(ego) as what you have identified yourself as, the name you have given yourself. But that is not the entire real. For Example, have you noticed that 5G tech and 5D tech have become interchangeable? There is a sort of entanglement in the two terms going on. I’ll just let that sit there…

Being awake in the dream is just as hard as waking up in the morning to an alarm clock. Both require a certain amount of attention, continued notice to manage, but we must.

Take a look at all the things that don’t make sense to you in your life that the world says this is the way it works, and yet it doesn’t, no matter how hard you try. There you will discover a piece of programing that is designed to keep you trying in an endless loop. Then look at what is really going on inside you because that is the doorway out. Unless you still need that nap?

We are Beasts

About the alien autopsy (s), plural, because you find out from LMH’s Wednesday broadcast that she spoke with Ray Santilli, and Santilli directly interviewed “JB” who filmed not only the craft, but the Autopsy (s). Of the four bodies, one was alive, and one was the least damaged of the four and it was autopsied first. The ET that was live lived for two years, and upon it’s death, was autopsied in a large theater, with many watching and purportedly, Truman sat in on it.

In this broadcast Linda relays the interview Santilli was finally able to get from JB who wished to be anonymous. This makes my heart sick.

They waited until first light to even see to the bodies, which were alive, and crying out and in pain. When they did gather them up they had medical personnel look at them because they were so badly wounded. They then proceeded to tape and tie down these wounded people to transport them all the way from Sirocco, Mexico to Right Field in Dayton Ohio. This was in 1947, air travel then was slow. Imagine the agony those people felt – the actual physical pain, because you knew they were feeling it due to the crying that they could all hear even before they went into physical proximity to the craft. I personally wouldn’t let my dog suffer like that – much less tie and (!) tape him down for a 3 hour period while I got him to the doctor! And with the treatment they got, it isn’t hard to imagine that even then they were not given any empathic care or simple kindness.

Further one of the beings lived for two years after the event. Well, this is the one who was autopsied in 1949 in the large theater in front of many people and is where the extra information about what they found in the interior thoracic cavity and brain were garnered.

I am led to wonder if Sgt. Stone wasn’t one of the military personnel there because if you listen to any of his interviews about crash retrieval, he is always upset. I think I would be too if I had to wittness this inhumanity to any being at the hands of another human. LMH says she thinks and has heard that they were clones. Even if they were IT WAS OBVIOUS THEY WERE IN PAIN AND DISTRESS and nothing was done. Since when does a human being sit and watch another living being in agony and DO NOTHING ABOUT IT !?!? I also think that this is where we get the story of the alien being that was held somewhere that people have talked to and were scared of. ‘JB’ was scared enough to have needed to call them ‘freaks’ so he didn’t have to look at the fact that they were real, like he was, and maybe he was just as sickened by their treatment and needed to call them freaks so it didn’t seem so bad.

We are xenophobic, color phobic, disability phobic, body appearance phobic – for that matter we are phobic-phobic. The only thing this works for is war. War is a good excuse to go and wipeout anything you are phobic about… nobody seems to notice our phobias are weaponized and monetized… jus-say’in…

It’s a horrible thing to admit, to watch, and a terrible pill to swallow to think that this went on, not several times, but many and that we are so brutal. We are beasts. I am ashamed to be grouped in the ranks of those who would do something like this. Dr. Greer call them sociopaths. I think they are psychopaths – totally disconnected from humanity and any kind of human kindness. I think that may be why it is so easy to call the Santilli information and film a fake, because then we don’t have to admit that it happened.

So far the military have been the main mode of contact with other beings for 100 years. I would have quarantined this planet for another 100 years had I been in the visitors’ shoes. And yet they haven’t. There are CE5 programs out there Like Kosta Makreas’s and Steven Greer’s that have been going on for quite some time.

In the meantime, think about our role as beasts – think about if you would choose that role, think about the Alien-As-Bad Guy meme. I’m tired of it all. I’d like to think I might have grown beyond it. How about you?

Sgt. Clifford Stone


The Paranoid UFO

Science vs. Ufology   

Nuts and bolts vs. Phenomena   

Experiencers vs. Researchers   

Crazy vs. Sane   

TTSA vs. History   

Military vs. Political

Them vs. Us

Controllers vs. a Sane Healthy World

The list is onerous and vast and goes on forever. It’s the way we freaking humans operate! Power. Power over. Nothing shared or open or transparent. Not ever. Bless Jaques Valley for recording a history we would never know for all to read. Bless him and a number of other researchers looking into the phenomena that surrounds everything in this field.

What if the secrecy was about our natural mental/spiritual abilities and had nothing to do with UFO’s but they were used as a smoke screen to muddy the waters so that we never got to the phenomenal part of the equation??

IMO the phenomenal part of the equation is like the nerves to the ears. You may have visible ears but if the nerves that hook them up to the brain aren’t there or don’t work, then you will never ‘hear’ anything. If they cannot control what is happening in the skies, they most certainly can control our minds and they don’t need anything special like a ray gun to do it – they just need to be excellent liars…

This relationship of those who hold the information to those of us who don’t is textbook symptomology of an abusive relationship. You need only look at the literature on line about domestic abuse and it’s all there. The lying, the belittling, conning, the tension building, the explosion and the honeymoon phase. Being that this is a cycle in the larger community it takes longer to manifest – like about every 20 years the ‘next-new-thing’ appears, gets us all riled up and turns out to be a giant psy-op and even if it’s not, it is used against the community like a master manipulator in a relationship who had you believing you love broccoli, when you don’t. Its classic, its textbook. Keeping your head above water in a game like this is treacherous.

This is not to say that the recent information might not be correct…. IMO it probably is, but because of the abuse/manipulation game going on, it is now harder than ever to really know, besides, broccoli isn’t that bad… right?

It’s interesting that all the hoopla is NOT about ‘WOW! Aliens are real and they are here!’ Nope… it’s about who leaked what to whom and when because some want to say halleluiah it’s real and others want desperately to prove its all bunk.

The story that I and others waited for would occur on the last day before Reagan left office. The rumor was that Reagan would appear on TV with a live alien held in a secure compound near the Washington Mall. In the end, Reagan did not appear with the alien and UFO research went on unperturbed by the failure of the prediction. That is how ufology works. It moves from one disclosure rumor to the next. Slowly, through leaks and rumors, knowledge of the ET presence grows. Meanwhile, the classified aspects of the UFO story remain safe.

Cameron, Grant. Managing Magic: The Government’s UFO Disclosure Plan (p. 8). Itsallconnected Publishing. Kindle Edition.

What the government didn’t anticipate was that George Knapp, a respected Emmy Award-winning investigative reporter, would invite Lazar as a guest on his show in March 1989. Indeed, Knapp had an open spot and asked Lear if his buddy, who used to work at the base, could come on.  That back-lit interview Knapp did with Lazar went viral. The next thing the government knew, tour buses were going up into the mountains. The people on the tours were now looking down over the most secret base in the world, hoping to see the government testing a UFO.  Now everything done at the base became the interest of the public, thanks to Knapp’s interview with Lazar. Bill Clinton was forced to issue a Presidential Determination which kept the curious citizens back and tried to prevent them from seeing anything close up. Eventually, the story died down. The UFO community became convinced there were UFOs at the base. The media had a good unproven story, and the government continued with their secret work unaffected.

Cameron, Grant. Managing Magic: The Government’s UFO Disclosure Plan (p. 10). Itsallconnected Publishing. Kindle Edition.

And….basically this is where I sit with the newest ‘revelation’ I’m waiting to see. I suppose you could call me jaded. Been there, done that have about 10 T-shirts…. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me three times, I need to see a therapist. There are a million different ways and variations on whether its real or not, or planted even at the highest levels to fool them so they fool us… who knows? You want real contact, you might as well start trying the CE5 method, go direct to the source. But, be careful because everybody (who is everybody, anyway?!?) knows that there are demons in the aether and you could get one of them instead of a real ET… or you might get abducted and lord knows what! Manipulation. Insidious, and slippery. It has been postulated that the first contact is always a mirror of your fears and expectations. A reflection of your base beliefs. Those beliefs coming out of a basically catholic/Christian belief system – a system that was set up to create the mind cage we all live in, a system set up to implant metaphysical fears to act like a control gate. I agree. The problem is learning to see it for what it is and getting around it. Those fears have been told over and over until they have been embedded in our DNA.

Sometimes I wonder if this is not just some giant graduation test, or if this is the dream and the real is somewhere else, or if I just gather enough information it will be clearer. Can you see the effects of being lied to, manipulated and generally messed with – the pathology – in those words? I can.


And all I wanted was to be normal, and know the mystery….





Rhetoric:  language designed to have a persuasive or impressive effect on its audience, but often regarded as lacking in sincerity or meaningful content.

“All I can say is…”

“What I can say is…”

“It’s classified”

“That’s controlled information”


While the fear of tech-leakage runs rampant among all the countries of the world and the earth is smothering in junk.

All because:   Space weaponization, first come-first serve policies, all while trading with ill-gotten gains (us) for tech.


While ‘Somebody’ is ba-a-a-ack in Arc’lantis and guess what? They don’t like us. (who knew?)


But on June 23rd 2012 some other ‘Somebody’ shunted three CME’s, much bigger than the Carrington one, to the side to save earth…

Are we ever going to hear the real truth, find the real truth? A friend advised I have some faith in the plan and all I could reply was, ‘When Liars are involved, there is no faith to be found in the wise.’

Us ‘old folks’ have been around long enough to begin to see some patterns in this.

The Space Brothers to the Hippy Movement (the real one) to treaties made and broken to illegal trade of humans for tech to grass roots CE5 movements to Dark projects and the rise of corporatocracy, to more lies to weaponize space and scare the hell out of humanity….

Gee, anything they can’t control, they screw up, demonize and ‘Doty’ it, while we all, for one reason or another, get excited over Tic-Tacs and spun bread crumbs…


Well, for what it’s worth,

here, suck on this.


Consciousness, all of it, is non local. Memory, cognition, learning, imagination, and emotion. What we have in a body is a finely tuned instrument through which to perceive a specific frequency range in minute detail. Talk about tools…

This interview of Dr Monica Gagliano by Gordon White is a fine example of this.

This week we welcome to the show Dr Monica Gagliano. Dr Gagliano is an evolutionary ecologist and the author of the fantastic book, Thus Spoke The Plant. We chat about her experiences running experiments on plant communication and cognition, as well as her experiences learning from and with both indigenous plant teachers and plant spirits themselves around the world. Very much my jam.

***Show Notes*** Thus Spoke The Plant.…

Monica’s Website.

Monica on Twitter.

Monica giving the keynote at Bioneers 2018.…

From <

I don’t care that science thinks the current quantum consciousness theory a bit out there, or completely bogus. It is people like Dr. Monica that are asking the real questions and are unafraid to shout it to the skies that count. Listen and listen carefully to the above interview. She has proven plants learn, therefor they have memory.

My trees are beings. You who read me know about that. Just like the singing plants of Damanhur (which some people have had fits over bc it doesn’t in any way fit their world picture) are, when given a voice constantly communicating beings.

Just because the tool you are currently using is incapable of noticing this phenomena in 3D doesn’t mean it isn’t happening either. Really.

The real stuff happens nonlocally, whether you like that fact or not.