Get out the popcorn… These ladies tell the truth. They are brave. Kudos.

(btw, some of this hurt my heart to know, but I hear the resonance, feel in my body their truth – I wish I didn’t) On second thought nix the popcorn. This stuff will make your stomach hurt.



The Way-Seers

Contact changes its nature with the human mind, as the mind changes and adapts to what it can understand. Contact also changes the human mind – widens its scope and makes it possible to see more once you have seen.

There was a clip in the movie “What the Bleep” Do we Know!?” where Dr. Candace Pert (1946-2013) who has been called “The Mother of Psychoneuroimmunology”, and “The Goddess of Neuroscience” tells the story of ‘The shaman and Columbus’s clipper ships vision’

The story illustrates, IMO, how the human mind works to stabilize what we know as ‘our reality’. It takes a minute for us to recognize a thing, a fact, a concept in our reality enough to even know that it is there, in front of our faces. Whether we like it or not, we live in a type of hive mind that is a shared reality that says, ‘together we all see this, so it is part of our reality that we can be together in and therefore say is real.’, but if one person sees a something that another person does not, then it is not real. Unless you are one of the way-showers, a shaman whose job it is to teach and protect your tribe.

An idea, or a something – a physical something, once given context by someone else, helps the rest of us to understand and see it.

It is interesting that humanity has seen ‘air ships’ forever, and over time our ‘vision’ of them has changed. For instance, the Ancient Aliens TV show has documented just about every case and iconographic example from the ancient past.

Then in the mid 18oo’s people saw weird flying wooden ships that Walter Bosley wrote about in his book, “Breakaway Civilization, Nymza and the Senora Aero Club”

In WW2 the next iteration of ‘flying things’ were called Foo Fighters

The term foo fighter was used by Allied aircraft pilots in World War II to describe various UFOs or mysterious aerial phenomena seen in the skies over both the European and Pacific theaters of operations.

Though “foo fighter” initially described a type of UFO reported and named by the U.S. 415th Night Fighter Squadron, the term was also commonly used to mean any UFO sighting from that period.[1] Formally reported from November 1944 onwards, witnesses often assumed that the foo fighters were secret weapons employed by the enemy. From <>

We have all of the legends from Germany about Alien replication craft, Roswell, Holloman AFB, and in to our modern age, where you can follow a very definite, purposeful molding of public knowledge and information into what only can be considered a carefully thought out and executed plan to focus our hive-mind-attention in a certain direction.

Once again we must consider the careful use of story and spin, context and who is doing the telling. The question of “Why (!?!?!?!!!!!) (for crisesakes) are they doing this???” has been dogging me forever, and I shove it back down and say not yet, and it pops back up again, like an annoying mosquito buzzing in my ear. Well because they want ‘us’ to see it in one way and one way only.

So, enter the idea of context, because that is what has changed over time and from person to person. The culture describes what it is seeing in terms of its context, which changes what and how they describe what they have seen. We’ve gone from flying turtles and snakes to ‘real’ ET’s in craft, to plasma spyballs from other dimensions. From interior voices of the gods to channeled ultradimensional beings from another realm. From solid 3D reality being superior to flickering on and off every 10 to the 22nd power times per second – quantum consciousness interacting with energy.

All we can ever do is extrapolate on the data to try to keep up with how fast reality is changing today, and realize there are Master Manipulators out there taking us on the wildest ride of our lives right now – some for their own damned good and others who are those shamans and way-showers who are desperately trying to expand our paradigms to keep us alive.

It’s that Damned Cosmic Box again, and I really want to shred the irritating confines of its idea paradigms right now.  I think the message of the dream yesterday in part was about how very easy it would be to change your entire perspective on reality if you could understand the viewpoint and change it, ever so slightly.

How do you let yourself see something you’ve never seen before?





I am increasingly impressed by this mind.


Gordon White has addressed the problem of technology that we all face at this juncture with engaging analogy, which for me, made it very clear. Emery Smith is wrestling with this problem as he stated in his interview with Jimmy Church on Tuesday and there is a very important idea we all have to work out: Will we insist that technology assist the analogue life – the true human interweaving with our deepest selves and our interrelation to Gaea, (our mother earth), or will we go transhumanist? Take a listen. Quite beautiful.


From <>

On DNA, Glinda balls and Reality Antennas

I was listening to John Burroughs on Phenomenon Radio, KGRA interviewing Winston (Win) Keech and Ronny Dugdale on 06-21-2018 (found in the KGRA archives). Win was explaining the ‘engineering’ aspect of quantum reality and it really blew me away.

He said reality is like an extremely high RF (radio frequency band) signal that travels as a surface wave across quantum potentials. These potentials, when touched by the RF wave, collapse the wave into a particle. The quantum potentials are the holographic structure. This happens at a frequency rate of about 10 to the 22nd power times per second.

The human perception limit due to the biophysics of our form is:

For the purposes of presenting moving images, the human flicker fusion threshold is usually taken between 60 and 90 hertz (Hz), though in certain cases it can be higher by an order of magnitude.[7] In practice, movies are recorded at 24 frames per second and displayed by repeating each frame two or three times for a flicker of 48 or 72 Hz. Standard-definition television operates at 25 or 30 frames per second, or sometimes at 50 or 60 (half-)frames per second through interlacing. High-definition video is displayed at 24, 25, 30, 60 frames per second or higher.From <>

Reality runs 10 to the 22nd power times per second. This like would be a very high RF energy wave running into the potential points in the quantum hologram and producing a ‘snap shot’ or collapsing the wave into a particle which IS our reality/snapshot and it all happens so fast that we don’t notice when we are a non-materialized wave.

These quantum points of potential that make up the hologram are information. The wave form is consciousness…

Reality is therefore a condition of energy/consciousness bumping into, or connecting with the hologram and time is in reality just a blip every 10 to the 22nd time per second that they are touching. It is the movement through the hologram of the energy wave that creates space and time as it connects to the potentials of the hologram. This is how we ‘create’ our reality.


Biological organisms are holograms. Electric fields need to be measured not just as strong or weak, but also as low carriers or high carriers of information. DNA possesses two structural characteristics of fractal antennas, electronic conduction and self symmetry. Electrical conduction allows the movement of electrically charged particles within the body and that flow produces our life force.

The Russian biophysicist and molecular biologist Pjotr Garjajev and his colleagues also explored the vibrational behavior of the DNA. The bottom line was: “Living chromosomes function just like solitonic/holographic computers using the endogenous DNA laser radiation.”

And we are back to what I said in the article “Frequency Soup”:

I came to the conclusion that we see reality the way we do because we are at the most basic level, putting it together that way out of the frequencies that we do perceive, by giving it meaning and then codifying the information with symbols (converting it into another frequency) that can be shared amongst ourselves.

Everything is a frequency a vibration. We arise out of that soup, and we are all immersed in it.

Which shifts my thoughts to R brain/L brain and conscious attention to life and how creative right brained people like musicians and artists have the best most astounding experiences, while left brained people kinda don’t, pretty much because the LB puts you in lock down and the RB has wings.

Further, whether body senses came first or were created as a perception tool, they come into play whenever we imagine, read a book, watch a movie.

In a dream last night I was learning how to use a sphere of some sort and how to tune into what I wanted, or tune it to see certain things, or use it go certain places or times. I think I could also change my DNA with it which if I was time traveling into the future would be a byproduct of being in the future.

DNA is then like a reality antenna – a tool. I was watching body forms change and realized that in order to travel in an orb, you have to dematerialize the physical form – (just like Glinda… 🙂 ) – imagine the when/where you want to go and then reform your /DNA by remembering the 3D form and the senses, around which the physical form could coalesce. That would make DNA a frequency pattern that would be carried as part of your energy signature wherever you go.

I also remember part of the dream spent changing my DNA so I could ‘feel’ what it was like to be in different bodies, how they worked, and what their reality was like. It took such a very small variation on the sphere – a quantum movement produced huge change.

Consequently, I didn’t want to wake up today… it was really a lot of fun. Now whether its ‘right’ or not, who knows???


Anybody up for making one of these devices??? I think I want one!





If You Can Dream It, You Can Make it.

If You Can Dream It, You Can Make it.

-Emery Smith Jimmy Church Radio 7/10/18


So, out of frustration with the current technology available to the peanut gallery (us) I dreamt up this device that I want really badly. It would be thin and it could come in many shapes, and could be small enough to be mistaken as a gemstone in a necklace or ring, maybe the size of a watch face.

It would be made of transparent aluminum (to spell this word, I always have to say it in the queen’s English.. Al-oo-min-ee-uhm… lol).

It would have to have interactive holography, so that if you wanted to look at a heads up display you could make that whatever size you wanted, and project the screen at least as far as 10 feet away. Interactive, because I want it to act like a touch screen tablet, but I want to use the gestures that Iron Man does and pretty much want it to look like that too.

It would need to be voice interactive and be able to really talk to you – cloud based, computing. It would need to run on a frequency that was not dangerous to biological cellular life, but could power itself from the human energy field.

It would also be able to emit frequencies that stabilized the human field and kept the biology healthy while looking like a beautiful gem that had an inner glow to it. It would be attuned to each individual biofield and therefore would be useless if stolen.

There, sigh.

That’s what I want

Oh yeah, it should only cost about $5.

So somebody out there, get crack ‘in on it, because I’d like it in time for Christmas please – I’ll take about 50 of them.

Thank you.


Plant your feet on the ground and listen.

We all like to be fed pretty pictures and complete ideas all done up in high definition on a screen without having to really do the work ourselves. Tell us a story. Dazzle us with gloss and stars, action and danger. We are addicts, of a sort.

It is well known that a story can gather a ground swell so powerful that like Star Trek, it was only on for three years and yet 52 years later plus numerous off shoots, is still powerful enough to have our hearts.


Tell us a good enough one and we will keep it alive for almost ever. Story is the great teacher, the transmitter of ideas down through vast swaths of time. Story moves whole cultures and continents to change, in many ways. Story lives on, especially if it is a good one, thousands of years past the originator. Story is memory. Story is teaching. Story is the record. Story is the great transmitter of ideas. Story is how we live.

Recognize it. Realize that many have learned to USE this fact to their own advantage to sway great groups of people, and focus their energies and their hearts. At the bottom of everything that we feel and do, is story.

Who is telling the story and how they are telling it can change the story – the equivalent of modern day spin. If they know their craft well enough, and they can tell the story better than the next guy, their story will win out and be remembered. Re-membered. Re-unified within the body as a member…

All that we see on our lovely little screens (and the big ones too) is just that – a STORY. Millions of years ago it used to be around a communal fire – with the liminal boundary of unity and safety the edges of illumination of the light from that fire. Your life is a story and should you choose to tell it – it will become re-membered also.

So, what happens when a story ends before we want it to? Like Star Trek, somebody dreams up a new part to finish the story. Nobody likes a loose end. What happens when a story bends peoples’ hearts and minds on such a huge level? People figure out how to use that cohesive gathering to their own ends to produce a certain direction of energy. What happens when other people see this and don’t like the direction of all that energy? Another element is added to the story to force it to go in the direction they want.

Look at it as the captured attention of many, all following the story going in the obvious direction the story is pointing to. This always leads to changes in the behavior of the people watching the story – like the story of Christ, Buddha and the other great Avatars through time. Billions of people all following the story and acting out of the information of the story. (whether the story is ‘true’ or not)

Now, imagine the power that comes from directing great numbers of people in a direction of a story you have told. Is there any greater magic in the world?

If you wanted to stop a story ( a his-story or her-story) what would you do? You would cause events within the story line to blow up in ways that would crash everything. Or just the things that you know would put control back in your hands.


My point.


Stand back and observe the particular story I am watching, and just  ‘watch’ : it should be interesting and revealing, to say the least.

Frequency Soup

We convert energy into reality.

We take all orders of magnitude and somehow in our body make a translation (assign meaning to) all the jiggling and make sense information of it. Then we take that information and do stuff with it – we make ideas about it, we have feelings about it, we create something with it.


We take/use energy and create reality with it.


I was recently shoved back into the 5G mess of information, so I began to try to see if I could understand the resonant frequencies of the smaller human structures, like DNA and cell walls, etc. I ran into the ‘Orders of Magnitude’ charts – which is basically a big to small chart of all types of energy that we can measure, and it occurred to me that what I was looking at were frequencies stated in different layers and realms – dimensions if you like.

Which, brought me back around to consciousness and perception – and you know I’ve done some thinking about that lately in my articles – because it would be nice to figure out the base quanta (not only frequency but which order to measure) of telepathy and entanglement. And well, I came to the conclusion that we see reality the way we do because we are at the most basic level, putting it together that way out of the frequencies that we do perceive, by giving it meaning and then codifying the information with symbols (converting it into another frequency) that can be shared amongst ourselves.

Everything is a frequency a vibration. We arise out of that soup, and we are all immersed in it. Telepathy must be some frequency range that is similar enough to all of us that we are all stewing in simultaneously. Now, whether we are aware of this frequency is another thing. The potential for being aware of it is there within each of us because we are similar enough to have a harmonic resonance due to our structure. And, because the idea wouldn’t already exist in our frequency soup.

Which, of course, led me to this current “We-are-so-close to something breaking wide open.” thought that has energized the UFO/disclosure community recently and the tipping point theory. That’s the theory that says if you get enough people sharing a reality, or realization, then the mass of that energy will push the rest of humanity over into it and one day everybody will just be aware of an idea like it was theirs all alone for ever – they will not even remember how they learned it because it will seem like a piece of the fabric of reality. (which actually at that point it is, because the frequency of the idea has been added to the communal soup we all float in)

So: this UFO/Disclosure paradigm that we are all playing with, IMO, IS the veil we are trying to push through. Therefore, we can’t really, really, discover what is going on until we can stand OUTSIDE that paradigm and see what it is. – Which may be hard, because it’s part of the frequency soup. (Uhm, somebody put it there, more like a lot of somebodies) However, because we have this feeling of expectancy about it I am more than willing to entertain that more than a few people have figured it out, or we wouldn’t feel the expectancy.

I also would be willing to bet its so far out of the norm, that the perception of it, like telepathy, may take some real practice and work, but is not impossible – or we wouldn’t be feeling it. Maybe it’s like riding a bike – weird to learn, but once you do you never forget.

I was going to drag y’all through this:


Perception and layers of perception, may be just like the layers of reality that RD talked about

These Layers of Reality are from the center of a circle out;

the Mass pop

the Academic pop

the Classified Projects pop

the Breakaway Civilization pop (top layer ‘on’ earth)

ET/others pop

pop = populations and the accepted paradigm of thought / reality of each population.

However, perception implies an impingement upon the sensory capacities of the body. Perception is like noticing. So if you are noticing/perceiving something you aren’t actually touching, it would imply a certain level of entanglement of one or more energetic subsystem of the body. Those have electromagnetic resonances.

In physics, resonance is the tendency of a system to oscillate with greater amplitude at some frequencies than at others. Frequencies at which the response amplitude is a relative maximum are known as the system’s resonant frequencies, or resonance frequencies. At these frequencies, even small periodic driving forces can produce large amplitude oscillations, because the system stores vibrational energy.

Resonance occurs when a system is able to store and easily transfer energy between two or more different storage modes (such as kinetic energy and potential energy in the case of a pendulum). However, there are some losses from cycle to cycle, called damping. When damping is small, the resonant frequency is approximately equal to the natural frequency of the system, which is a frequency of unforced vibrations. Some systems have multiple, distinct, resonant frequencies.

Resonance phenomena occur with all types of vibrations or waves: there is mechanical resonance, acoustic resonance, electromagnetic resonance, nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR), electron spin resonance (ESR) and resonance of quantum wave functions. Resonant systems can be used to generate vibrations of a specific frequency (e.g., musical instruments), or pick out specific frequencies from a complex vibration containing many frequencies (e.g., filters).

By studying the way that waves interact with other waves, researchers have found that even low-powered oscillations can have enormous effects on standing waves, physical structures, and even the human brain. The principle which describes this particular wavelength interaction is known as resonance.

When you resonate with something, you are emitting a wave signature which is “in sync” with it. By applying a constant resonant frequency to a standing wave, you can intensify, reinforce, and prolong the standing frequency of that wave. Researchers posit that by applying these concepts of resonance to waves emitted by the brain, it is possible to induce altered brain states.

So what is actually entangling are wave frequencies. That would, IMO, mean perception IS conscious entanglement.

Which sent me to this gem: Biocentrism Theory

Biocentrism was first proposed in a 2007 article by Robert Lanza that appeared in “The American Scholar,” where the goal was to show how biology could build upon quantum physics. Two years later, Lanza published a book with astronomer and author Bob Berman entitled “Biocentrism: How Life and Consciousness Are the Keys to Understanding the True Nature of the Universe”, which expanded upon the ideas that Lanza wrote about in his essay for the “Scholar”.

Biocentrism argues that the primacy of consciousness features in the work of René Descartes, Immanuel Kant, Gottfried Leibniz, George Berkeley, Arthur Schopenhauer, and Henri Bergson. He sees this as supporting the central claim that what we call space and time are forms of animal sense perception, rather than external physical objects.

Robert Lanza argues that biocentrism offers insight into several major puzzles of science, including Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle, the double-slit experiment, and the fine tuning of the forces, constants, and laws that shape the universe as we perceive it. According to Robert Lanza and Bob Berman, “biocentrism offers a more promising way to bring together all of physics, as scientists have been trying to do since Einstein’s unsuccessful unified field theories of eight decades ago.”

Seven principles form the core of biocentrism:

The first principle of biocentrism is based on the premise that what we observe is dependent on the observer, and says that what we perceive as reality is “a process that involves our consciousness.”

The second and third principles state that “our external and internal perceptions are intertwined and that the behavior of particles “is inextricably linked to the presence of an observer,” respectively.

The fourth principle suggests that consciousness must exist and that without it “matter dwells in an undetermined state of probability.”

The fifth principle points to the structure of the universe itself, and that the laws, forces, and constants of the universe appear to be fine-tuned for life. Finally,

The sixth and seventh principles state that space and time are not objects or things, but rather tools of our animal understanding. Lanza says that we carry space and time around with us “like turtles with shells.”

Robert Lanza claims that biological observers actually create the arrow of time. In his papers on relativity (also published in Annalen der Physik), Einstein showed that time was relative to the observer; in their paper, Podolskiy and Lanza argue that quantum gravitational decoherence is too ineffective to guarantee the emergence of the arrow of time and the “quantum-to-classical” transition to happen at scales of physical interest. They argue that the emergence of the arrow of time is directly related to the way biological observers with memory functions process and remember information. They cite Robert Lanza’s American Scholar paper on biocentrism, stating that the “brainless” observer does not experience time and/or decoherence of any degrees of freedom.   From <>

When a property of an electron suddenly switches from possibility to reality, some physicists say its wave function has collapsed.

What accomplishes this collapse? Messing with it. Hitting it with a bit of light in order to take its picture. Just looking at it does the job. Experiments suggest that mere knowledge in the experimenter’s mind is sufficient to collapse a wave function and convert possibility to reality.   From <>

But then I got frustrated and realized it is simpler. However stating it at the most simple level, you lose the validity and the curiosity hook, so the above there is for someone to write a book on, as I just want to ‘feel’ my way through my own psyche in a less left brain way because then I will get it really. Instead of giving my left brain indigestion… I wanted to give my right brain wings. (and more flavorful soup)





Saturday morning headspace

Consciousness is the old magic. It is the unifier, the unifying field. Consciousness is the unified field. The one that everybody, physicists mostly, have been looking for. It is the key to the ‘new-old’ physics, it is a science that has been and is vigorously denied by the reality crafting elite in order that they stay in control. Consciousness is energy. It interferes with the scientific method of gathering data proscribed by the priests of scientism – who refuse an open system analogous study across disciplines. Consciousness interacts and interferes with the measurements of data by changing what is observed by observing it. It becomes an anathema because, by God! We might find out the real nature of reality… etc. etc. etc.


Which of course brings me to the question why some people have experiences they don’t want and others don’t have experiences they do want – of the paranormal and phenomenological nature. I have one personal observation, and a theory. Personally, when I was little I had a lot of ‘unwanted’ experiences of the terrifying kind. Now I only have what I consciously choose. The theory: as a child we all learn to accept the authority of anyone older/bigger/smarter… if fact, everything and anybody can tell us what to do. So when a paranormal situation occurs in childhood we never, ever, not even once consider that we have the power to tell it to stop and go away, we simply endure it. This sets up a no boundary condition or at least very permeable boundaries. Especially because these phenomena feel powerful, they give the illusion of being caught in the experience with no way out.

I am using the word boundary in the normal psychological way:

The personal property lines that define who you are and who you are not, and influence all areas of your life – physically, emotionally, spiritually.

I found out about this by sheer accident, in my late teens when I was terrorized to the limit and tired of it, tired of trying to prove to whomever the local adult was that there was something going on and something there, even though you couldn’t see it. I finally got mad and put my foot down and told the general vicinity to stop all the nonsense! ( I said it in my mind to the air…) Low and behold!!!I It stopped. It was almost too good to be true and I was very skeptical for a great while. Years later in psych class the subject of boundaries came up and I understood implicitly – even if I couldn’t share how I knew…

Here’s the catch; for those that don’t know this fact works on the paranormal, they will continue to have experiences. Some have gone right into the mystery and love it. Those that do know, and have instituted their boundary lines, like me, and would like to choose to experience more, but don’t, here’s why; you must ethically examine why you want to lower those boundaries, and encounter and heal the reason you put them up in the first place, or (if you are like me and only choose higher contact) nothing will happen.

This is because all beings of a higher order have a higher ethic and there is no lying in telepathy, no hiding, no dissembling at all. So you may think you want closer contact, but until you encounter and work through certain ideas (programmed by society – or whatever) your truest wishes will be the rule. (lol, even if you are not aware of what those wishes are)

Yes, this works with the sketchier things too. It is really amazing to me the power consciousness has once we begin to just work with it. Consciousness is an energy of its own. We have it in spades and we don’t even know it. We spend 90% of our lives ignoring it because we are taught that way and yet, the whole of creation runs on it.


  – just a thought…